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'Mr Ibu's Comment Is A Reflection Of His Mindset Not Yours, Stay Informed!

John Okafor is a notable comic actor in Nollywood and has spanned over a decade in the movie scene with a huge fan base and awards to show for it.

The much loved actor disappointed many when he granted an interview recently stating that the virus is not existing in Nigeria.

"Have you ever attended any burial and they say na this thing kill am? Have you ever gone to the hospital them say this person na COVID dey hold am?" he said.

"Have you ever seen a family they say somebody na COVID na em kill am yesterday for family wey you know? You cannot, dem say dem say na em I and you dey hear. Even the sickness dey fear us."

"Are they not human beings, let them bring a picture of at least one person killed by COVID-19 and we find the family of such a person."

"COVID whatever is not in Nigeria, we have hot weather here, the disease is scared of us just as we are scared of it so it can’t come here."

Someone Like Mr. Ibu with a large fan base, such a statement is very misleading, because as a celebrity and role model, many people are looking up to him.

Saying because we have a hot weather in Nigeria makes the disease scared of us just as we are scared of the disease, makes him sound very clueless.

However, Lets not forget that his statement is a reflection of his mindset towards the situation in Nigeria and doesn't necessarily speak the mind of others.

He stated his opinion, though many find it insensitive, but it's still his opinion. As an individual, if you know better, such statements should have little or no infect on you.

Basing his facts that there is no coronavirus in Nigeria because, none of his friends, family, colleague, and neighbors that he knows suffered from the virus, shows the length of his ignorance.

Peter Okoye and family suffered from this virus, a lot of medical doctors have put their lives on the line while saving people from this virus, the president’s chief of staff died of the virus, a former governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi died of this virus, there are so many families lying sick in the hospital praying to survive this virus.

Saying nonchalantly that the virus doesn’t exist and that he goes about his life like nothing is happening is disheartening to know. Despite been educated, ignorance is still a big problem.

As of today, NCDC reported 595 new cases in Nigeria, and these numbers keep rising because some individuals refused to adhere to safety measures issued by the government and health operatives after the lock down was eased.

With a total of 34854 cases, 769 deaths, and 14292 recoveries, It's alarming that one would confidently say the virus isn’t real in Nigeria.

Statements like that of Mr. Ibu is the main reason why there are new cases in the country daily as they neglect safety measure due to the belief that the virus doesn’t exist in the country.

This goes a long way to understand that how human minds work sometimes can be very much unexpected and unexplained.

Content created and supplied by: Stefhinee (via Opera News )

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