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Remember The Lady That Got Blind While Writing Her SSCE in 2009?

Do you remember the story of a lady that was shared in 2009.

That suddenly got blind while writing her SSCE examination back in 2009.

However that didn't stop Got greatness in her journey in life, after confirmed visually impaired (blind) in 2009 she later got married to her wonderful husband, gave birth to two wonderful kids.

She now blessed with beautiful twins on 14th July, 2020. Despite her sight failure God did not cease his blessing, if it were a man, I'm sure it will cost a lot of consideration to give them a child but God in is infinite mercy did wonders. She gave birth normally no operation or special care, she and her children are in a healthy state.

The reasons behind her sight failure back in 2009 is unknown. However her husband is also blind but the kids has no blind failure trait from their parents and they are fine. She's now blessed with four kids.

God is great!

May God Continue to do wonders in her family and everyone.

What a beautiful story.

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