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Recent photos of Rahama Sadau on a movie set

The Kennywood adorable actress took some pictures in a village where she might have gone to act a new movie, if I am not mistaking, it will be her first movie after Corona virus lockdown. She looks happy to be out again, the smile in her face shows how much excitement she is filled with to be out, after a long period of lockdown.

She also took pictures with a popular film maker Jata Amata, who has produced several popular films, I cannot say for sure but the pictures shows as if Jata Amata is the one making this film.

Rahama is dressed in hausa Fulani clothes, with the make up too, that of Fulani, we don't know what film is cooking, but we are sure excited to see movies she is featured.

She also wrote on her Instagram page with photo of her putting on face mask "COVID19 is still in existence, wherever, whenever, don't forget to where your mask". She also added "life is for the living". 

Another photo show her satdown outside a hut, looking beautiful and looking Fulani.

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