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Checkout the 4 Lovely Children the World's First Pregnant Man Gave Birth To

When Thomas Beatie first appeared in public with a baby bump, so many people were amazed to see him pregnant with a baby. He is officially recognized as the world's first pregnant man.

Thomas was seen pregnant in 2007 and since then he has successfully given birth to four lovely kids - three boys and one girl.

The first child that he gave to was a girl and the beautiful girl is currently 12 years old while his second-born is currently 10 years old.

I know you may be wondering how he was able to get pregnant since women are the ones bestowed with the responsibility to produce children.

This is the first child that he gave birth to;

The truth of the matter is that Thomas Beatie was born female but somehow he was also a man.

What that simply means is that he is transgender, which means he has the reproductive organs of a man and woman.

When he got to the age of 23, he made up his mind to have surgery to look more like a man but he warned the doctors not to remove his female reproductive organs and that's why he was able to get pregnant even as a man.

These are all the children that he carried in his womb

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Lovely Children Thomas Thomas Beatie


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