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Zee World: Saturday Update On Twist Of Fate 18th July 2020

The Bulbul and Purab commitment is finished with the trading of rings. The lights get off. Daasi asks Abhi to audit it. The force returns and everybody tenses when they see Bulbul missing. Purbi says it is her arrangement to make the occasion progressively critical. Purab needs to discover Bulbul and give him the amount he adores her. Purab concurs. 

Pragya proceeds to meet Bulbul in the distribution center. Bulbul covers up under the cloak and asks how everybody's response was. Pragya says that Purab was amazed to see her missing. She approaches her to keep covering up there for some time and leaves. 

Aaliya tells the corporator that Pragya has concealed Bulbul in the stockroom. The Corporator requests that his partner in crime capture her peacefully. Purab look through Bulbul everywhere throughout the house and can't discover her. Abhi inquires as to whether he discovered her. He said no. Abhi says that the two sisters are tormenting them. Purab says that he adores being tormented and that he should cherish him as well. He says he thinks he cherishes Tanu, however, he doesn't. Both keep on looking once more. 

Bulbul leaves the distribution center with Purab. Pragya stays there as opposed to wearing a cloak and expectations that Abhi will look for her now. She is happy to hear Fuggi. Aaliya and Tanu ensure the distribution center while the hooligans abduct Pragya in the wake of smelling her chloroform. Abhi and Purab stroll towards the distribution center. Aaliya and her manikin see them and attempt to stop them saying that they have just looked through the distribution center. Abhi says to let Purab see him before they could confirm it, the criminals leave with Pragya. 

Aaliya is glad to see Bulbul's watch on the floor and says she is certain that Bulbul will be seized and reveals to her that her halting time implies Bulbul's awful time starting now and into the foreseeable future. She says they ought to commend now. The two of them go into the room and bring out liquor to drink. Bulbul leaves the room looking for Pragya and calls her by name. Tanu hears his voice and says to Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to ruin the mind-set and goes to check, yet Bulbul leaves first. She says there is no Bulbul or Tota, Maina, so they ought to go commend now. 

Purab with Abhi unfortunately comes back to the stage. Purab sneers in the event that he can't discover Bulbul. Sarla admonishes her and requests to disclose to him where Bulbul is. Purab asks her not to chasten her and says he knows where Bulbul is. 

He gets the mouthpiece and says he knows she's nearby, so he needs her to show up before 10, else he will enlist Aaliya. Aaliya is glad to hear it. Bulbul hardens when he feels it. Tanu discloses to Aaliya that Purab is trading a ring with her now. Aaliya says it is quite difficult, let Purab shed tears in Bulbul's memory and once he is certain he can't be discovered, he will propose to her himself. 

Purab begins checking. Bulbul comes running and requests that he stop. Be that as it may, Aaliya and her manikins are shocked to see her. Bulbul steps onto the stage embraces him and discloses to him that on the off chance that he weds another person, she will bite the dust. Abhi asks Purab to trade the ring since the two sisters are flighty. Everybody extols as they trade a ring and Aaliya, furious, goes out with her manikins. Sarla says Bulbul in the event that it hadn't been her commitment, she would have slapped her. Bulbul says it was a Pragya joke and calls her, however she doesn't go out. 

Suresh impacts his bike with the ruffian's vehicle and starts hollering at the driver. He is amazed to see Pragya in that vehicle with criminals. He runs behind the vehicle. Aaliya alarms that Bulbul won't leave her life and will let her wed Purab. 

Tanu requests that her quiet down. Aalya approaches her to disregard her for quite a while. The entire family thinks about Pragya. Abhi calls her number, yet the telephone is off. 

Daadi stresses. Abhi asks him not to stress, he will scan for her. Bulbul accepts that Pragya ought to be in the stockroom and goes to talk with Purab. Sarla feels that something isn't right. 

Abhi, Bulbul, Purab, Purab, and the entire family scan for Pragya/fuggi, yet can't discover her. They call her number and discover it close to the indirect access of the house. Tayaji says that nobody comes here. 

Suresh follows the ruffian's vehicle on his bicycle and stops them. The robber requests that the driver pulverize him and flee. He hits Suresh's bicycle and flees, Suresh tumbles to the ground. Individuals help him up. He thinks who are those individuals who grabbed Pragya. 

Abhi and her family show up at the distribution center and see the principle artist of the show tied up. Artist says somebody hit his head and removed his dress. Abhi inquires as to whether he saw the guilty party's face. He says not so much, it was foggy. Daadi fears that Pragya will hear this. Tauji asks Abhi to answer to the police. 

Suresh shows up there and reveals to him that he saw somebody seizing Pragya and fleeing in the vehicle. Bulbul inquires as to whether he abducted her. She asks him for what reason he would capture Pragya and says that he won't consider hurting her or Pragya. Bulbul keeps on shouting at him and inquires as to why he didn't follow her. He says he was on a bike and criminals in a vehicle. Abhi requests that Bulbul stop and asks Suresh where he saw Pragya. He tells the spot. Abhi asks Tauji to answer to the police. 

The hijackers' fringe Pragya in the companies' refuge. Pragya awakens. The corporator shows up there and says that he cherishes her without a doubt and can't see her wedding Purab. Pragya thinks what his identity is. 

Aaliya calls him and is going to talk, however interferes with his call saying that he is with Bulbul and that he doesn't care for the mobs. He goes to the closer view and is stunned to see Pragya rather than Bulbul. Pragya holds his jewelry and shouts how he can do illicit goes about as an administration authority and says she will rebuff him. He every one of his men and tie her up. 

He shouts at his men for getting her and asks Pragya for what valid reason he didn't reveal to her it wasn't Bulbul. She inquires as to whether he has overlooked her significant other's exercise. He makes her smell chloroform and she loses cognizance. 

Sarla stresses over Pragya. Abhi supports her and asks not to stress. The monitor comes and asks who saw the hijacker. Abhi shows the artist and Suresh. The corporal on the opposite side beat his men for hijacking an off-base lady. 

Aaliya calls and requests that he leave Pragya before is past the point of no return in light of the fact that the police are as of now searching for her. Tanu inquires as to why she requested that they discharge Pragya. Aaliya says that Pragya is Abhi's better half and he and Daadi will send all the police power to discover her. She freezes, imagining that they will likewise be gotten. 

The corporal says that if Pragya is left alive, he will be slaughtered, so he requests that his men murder Pragya before morning comes. 

He considers why Suresh saw his men and says he can't see now if Bulbul is locked in or not. He considers going into Abhi's home as a companion, calls Mitali, and requests that her get him inside the house saying that he will assist them with discovering Pragya. 

He says that in the event that she doesn't, he won't assist her with sparing Raj. The corporal's fits of rage alarm over the executing of Pragya, yet they are additionally reluctant to feel that on the off chance that they don't slaughter Pragya, the corporal won't extra them.

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