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The Nollywood Actress That Died Yesterday, Read Her Last Post About Christ On Easter Sunday (Photos)

Death can be found in any setting. It can be found in all stages of life, including plants, animals, and humans. The beautiful birds in the sky, the blossoming trees in your neighborhood, the fish in the stream, and the dogs running across the street will all perish. The death we experience when someone we care for passes away is the most painful.

Rachel Bakam, a well-known television personality and actress, died yesterday. The mother of one, who was born in Kaduna State, died after a brief illness at a private hospital in Abuja, according to sources. She had been 38 years old for quite some time.

Photos of late Rachel Bakam

Death is a difficult experience. It has the power to shatter your universe and turn your life upside down. It is a product of the curse that sin has brought upon us. As a Christian, however, it's important to remember that death is merely a transitional state that leads to God's presence and abundant everlasting life. Rachel Bakam, who passed away recently, was well aware of this, as shown by her last article about Christ on Easter Sunday. With a lovely tweet, the late actress wished her fans a happy Easter. She expressed herself as follows:

"Sweetheart, I wish you a joyous Easter! Here is everybody wishing you the blessings that came with Christ's death and resurrection "..

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ were the topics of Rachel Bakam's most recent social media message. Both Christians would be spiritually dead, hopeless, and eternally separated from the God of love if they did not have it. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, came to prepare a way for us and to give us eternal life.

Rachel Bakam didn't just use social media as a means to communicate and share photos. She was never ashamed to be a Christian, and she took advantage of every chance she had to spread the gospel.

May her beautiful soul rest peacefully.

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