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Meet the 7 people you may always see with Davido

If you are observant, you will agree with me that Davido doesn't like moving alone. Apart from his security details, that is his mobile police, there is barely anywhere Davido is going to that you won't see these seven persons with him.

1) Segzxy

Segzxy is Davido's personal bodyguard. He has been with Davido for some years now. Before the death of Davido's former bodyguard, Segzxy was the assistant bodyguard. Now he is the number one, and he just got an assistant recently.

2) Asa Asika

Asa Asika is Davido's manager. It is normal for his manager to follow him everywhere he goes to. Asa Asika has been his manager for some years now, and they are very good friends.

3) Tunegee

Tunegee is one of the people that you will always see with Davido. Tunegee is Davido's cousin, and he is the son of Davido's late uncle who was a senator.

4) Special Spesh

Special spesh is the closest person to Davido that i can think of. Special Spesh was the person that had been like his personal guardian, right from when he was little. Special Spesh is Davido's personal hypeman.

5) Prince

Prince is also with Davido almost all the time. He is Davido's lawyer and also a very good friend of Davido for a very long time now.

6) Lt don

Lt don is popularly known as Lati. He is Davido's A&R, who is responsible for sourcing upcoming talents, and he is also Davido's P.A

7) Fortune

Lastly on the list is Fortune. He is Davido's personal photographer, and it is normal for him to always go with Davido anywhere he goes to. Any photo of Davido that you see with "fortune" written at the bottom of the photo, it was taken by this young man.

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