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"I Will Sleep, Eat and Live Where you Live": My Babe Told Me as I Don't have Bed -Man Shares

There's a level a man can get to when in a relationship with a lady, she would need no one again to convince him that truly, the lady loves him genuinely and would want to marry him. It's more evident when the man is facing some financial challenges and yet, the lady still stood by him, making sure he doesn't feel lonely even when it seems the whole world is against him. Men who have such ladies can go extra miles to make sure, she doesn't regret ever loving them as they won't even fail to show to the whole world, that she's a nice woman.

A man by name Tochi shared on twitter recently the kind of woman, nature blessed him with despite his hard conditions. He said he's a single dad with a child but when the situation became too hard for him, he had to move her daughter to her mum, sold off almost all he had with him and was left with nothing, to the extent that he even sleeps on the floor. He stated that despite all that, his girlfriend was still there with him and what shocked him more, was when she said she's going to spend the night in his place. Having no bed at all, she asked the lady how she's going to cope and her reply marveled him as she called him and said, "Tochi, I will sleep where you sleep, eat where you eat and live where you live."

See below:

We wish him well and pray this love they share waxes stronger even when he finally, gets back to his feets.

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