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Kpokpogri's Leaked Audio Confession: Why Social Media Users Should Stop Making Mockery Of Janemena

The leaked audio clip, purportedly featuring Prince Kpokpogri confessing to being intimate with Instagram dancer Janemena, has left many Nigerians feeling conflicted about their feelings.

There is a greater proportion of social media users who are following the unfolding narrative not out of genuine concern, but rather out of amusement and sarcasm. It is easy for them to forget that emotions and mental health of someone is at risk in this situation.

If the allegations are anything to go by, it is a source of shame and an inappropriate indulgence considering our cultural values, as evidenced by the narrative and alleged receipts that have been making the rounds on social media.

Photo credit: @Kpokpogri on Instagram

Extramarital affairs in marriages, on the other hand, are on the rise, and no one is held responsible unless and until they are caught red-handed in the act. Surprisingly, the vast majority of those who have cast aspersions on Janemena and Kpokpogri have committed far worse crimes than they have accused them of and have gotten away with it because they were not apprehended.

Despite the fact that this piece is not intended to justify immorality or extramarital affairs, we must proceed with caution due to the fact that Janemena's mental health, and possibly that of Prince Kpokpogri, is at risk. We should look past all of the social media posts they have been putting out, which appear to indicate that they are untouched by the widespread criticism, condemnation, and rejection that has been directed towards parties involved. These individuals are also human; no one is immune to making mistakes, but the ability to learn from them and rise above them distinguishes us as superhumans in our respective fields.

Photo credit: @Janemena on Instagram

Even though Janemena has attempted to demonstrate that her marriage is still intact, it is important to note that the main person on the receiving end of everything said and done, is her husband, Andre Plies, who has been the subject of much of the attention. It is evident that the couple is going through a difficult time as we may have noticed that he hasn't appeared in any of his wife, Janemena's recent dance videos. Again, she has experienced dramatic weight loss that has been linked to the loss of her pregnancy.

Photo credit: @Janemena on Instagram

As previously stated, we must continue with caution because mental illness is real, and these allegations are sufficient to endanger one's health. While we are all having a nice time with being entertained, we must remember that our actions and words have the potential to either mend or tear Janemena's life apart, therefore we mustt apply caution with our comments and backlash.

People deal with problems differently, that Janemena keep a brave face does not mean she is not hurting by everything being said to her. It may be of interest to you to know that a mental breakdown, also known as a nervous breakdown, can develop when a person is subjected to extended stress, which can result in severe depression in many cases.

People should, however, take it easy because Janemena and Prince Kpokpogri that are being crucified in social media court are not guilty unless they are found guilty in court or they admit the allegation.

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