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Dark Secrets 2 Famous Actors Hid From Us And Their Fellow Co-Stars

Living in the public eye can be challenging for an actor especially when actors are going through tough situations or have dark secrets to hide. Not only are the secrets hidden from the public, but the many co-stars of these award-winning actors and movie stars.

1. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas has starred in recent films like Ant-Man and Wall Street Money Never Sleeps but that may not have been the case if he didn't survive his long battle with cancer. Douglas kept his jaw cancer a secret for several years until the science became obvious and he spoke out the ordeal publicly. The diagnosis got pretty serious and Douglas did very little acting from 2003 to 2009. He avoided any high-profile film roles so that he could battle the tongue cancer and focus on his family if things took a turn for the worst. After making a full recovery, Douglas has been more open about his cancer and the reasons it developed and spread in his tongue. Cancer originally developed from a strain of HPV that was caused by encounters with various women over the years. Now he looks better than ever and has returned to a steady acting career.

2. Samuel L. Jackson

It's pretty hard not to watch a franchise without seeing Samuel L. Jackson make an appearance in it. The actor stars in multiple films a year and has been a part of the Star Wars Universe, Marvel Universe, and even smaller franchises like XXX State Of Union and The Incredibles. None of that would have happened if Jackson stayed on the path he was on back in the early 90s. While he was starting to get hired in more prolific roles, Jackson was an avid drug user and hooked on crack cocaine. None of his co-stars knew it, but his family did and they encouraged Jackson to check into rehab which he did. After getting out of rehab, Jackson got sober, completely changed his life around and he hasn't looked back since.

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