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Jokes That Will Tear Your Ribs Open

(1) A good conversation is like a mini skirt, short enough to retain interests but long enough to cover the subject

(2) you are slim, your girl friend is slim too. Do you know that when you are holding hands while walking together you guys look like capital letter H

(3) I gave up watching Nigerian movies when I saw a Ghost sweating

(4) her: baby did you see my text?

Me: the one you were asking for 300k?

Her: yes

Me: no, I didn't see it

(5) take a walk at night if you wanna see illegal couple's

(6) her: babe I am killing my self

Him: what's wrong babe

Her: I will tell you on Monday

(7) what if a penis is a tail placed on the wrong side of the body

(8) guy: are you a virgin

Girl: sometimes, why?


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