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The funniest buildings I have ever seen. (See pictures)

Hello there. This is World-Interest.

In this post we bring you a picture gallery of funny buildings.

Buildings are erected to provide shelter and covering against adverse weather conditions which may be harmful to the human health. This is however, the primary purpose of a building. And whenever a building is to be erected, you usually will have an Architect who draws the building plan which serves as a blueprint, a guide, as a model for those who are to construct the building. 

Asides the primary purpose of erecting a building, there are secondary needs that are being put into perspective by those who own them. Companies, business enterprises, religious and worship centres, temples etc. are constructed into buildings to allow for the utmost convenience of the people's interest. While some persons are interested a lot of space within the building, some are interested in the aesthetic designs that a house or building will carry for their fancy. 

All over the world we see several kinds of buildings that catch our fantasy. And some countries are well known for the technology which they adopt to put up certain building structures that will 'wow' the people; Sky scrappers with tens of floors held so firm and suspended in the air, and we seem to wonder what manner of creativity that could be. Countries like China, Japan, United Arab Emirates and others are among the top of the list. 

These countries with their high level of technology have taken building and construction to the next level, as they now begin to add comic effects to their buildings. Despite the comic nature of these buildings, they are well founded and rooted in an incredible foundation. At some point, it has been reported that the Presidents of some of these countries got tired of the way their country technology experts put up certain structures. Nevertheless, people seem to love this trend and get excited whenever they see such buildings. 

All of these buildings are functional even though some of them may have a weird and wacky architecture outlook. You may really be thrilled how risky some of these buildings look like, and begin to wonder what if they collapse and fall on people on the streets. Some of the buildings have looks as though they are falling off, but that is actually their design, and they are really strong. The way you look at a duplex and have confidence that it will not collapse, the Architects and builders of these funny buildings even give more assurance and guarantee that these funny and somewhat wacky looking buildings are even built with more reliable technologies than the duplex you know. 

See some of these funny buildings below. 

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