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Do You Want To Improve On Your Pigin English? Here Are Some Warri Slangs To Help You Improve

Sometimes when you hear these Warri people give you updates using Pigin or broken English,they make it sound so lovely and interesting that you want to mimick them.Just like the popular comedians Warri pikin and Bovi.

How you too can improve on your Pigin English by using some of the Slangs below;

If You hear any of the following1H, 2H, 3H ;it simply refers to 100 naira, 200 naira, 300 naira etc.

Sky; Sky simply means 50 naira

Green; 20 naira is reffered to green.I guess it's obviously because of its green nature.

Red ; 10 naira is called Red by my waffi brothers.

Fiver; Simply means 500 naira

1skin, 2skin....; Skin refers to thousand,so when you say 1skin it simply means 1000 naira ,2skin means 2000 naira.

Kpokpo/blacki; This simply refers to the Police.

Arm robber motor; This phrase simply connotes "Big trouble".That is there is fire on the mountain.

Lock up; This looks a bit familiar,it simply means that you should "forget about it."

U nor know the character; you being asked if you understand). 

Which level; You are being asked What happened?

How e be.;This means How far has things gone with whatever subject you are discussing.

Put am 4 kpelebe; it means you should "run". 

I go fall in ; it means i will visit you!

Make i reach bonk.; It means I'm going home.

make I Lem/wack.; It means "i want to eat" 

U don baf ; it means "who are you?

Yan opata; when someone talks anyhow.

Head burn..(broke)

Blast..; This means "slap"

Doke.; .This means to do mommy and daddy thing

Warri wolf; This refers to a lady that walks too much.They are like MTN...waka waka girl.

Kasala.; This means problem.

Shooo.;. This is an exclamation "for real"!

Fly;This simply means Run

kpror; This means to be "quiet"

High voltage.; you too much

Okpo; prostitute

Okpokpais; This means witch

Ma stop here, i wan march abeg...( I'm done, I'm going)... 🏃 🏃 🏃

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