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How I met my girlfriend by chance (story)

What can I say about HADI? Hadi is like my heart itself. The absence and presence of it determine my living. I used to be an angry bird. You must have heard of it or saw the angry bird movie once or perhaps you ought to see it, to fully understand what an angry bird looks like and how it behaves. That day I was forced to go on an outing with a friend. I hardly go out but that day I did not know how he did it but I agreed to follow him. I wore my favorite red polo shirt and a black jean. I love those two colours to the moon. I had fried my hair earlier so it was a glowing sight to behold the way I applied the weave oil on it and began trekking along the line with Gab.

Along the way, we talked about ladies and his new catch as we would call it. She is coming to meet us at "Continental " he said and my heart quacked. What? You are taking me on an outing with your girlfriend? What am I suppose to be doing there? Snapping you guys pictures? It felt like a heavy rock on my chest since I could no longer get back. She is coming with a friend at least you could borrow her and gist together, maybe become friends. I listened to him making both sense and nonsense. It sounded both nice and awkward for idiot like myself. I could end telling her she made a terrible make up or her choice of attires weren't my choice. How stupid I could actually be.

When we got to the eatery, we sat at a table for four waiting for them. It will be completely without sense to talk about how the waiter often rant about us nothing ordering yet. I tapped on my chest like you would on a cats head, trying to tame my heart from bursting out of anger. In what seems like a splint seconds, I thought I was seeing an Angel coming towards where I was sited. Gab's real name was Musa but no one knows how he had carved such outrageous name for himself. He stood up almost immediately before I could and embraced the one I would call a devil. I stared at her friend who appeared in black abaya. Her skin were like an over ripped banana. I am Hadia she said.

It sounded to me like "I love you". I am lucky, I said foolishly. I do not understand? Is your name lucky? Sorry I mean my name is Tofa, it means lucky. She smiled and I fell while trying to find the plastic chair tro sit on. We sat stealing gazes at one another. For a moment no one spoke and then my phone rang. I refused to pick the call. I love this your ringing tone, its my favorite Indian song. Oh wow, I replied. We shared a lot in common. Please could you send it to me? I told her my space was low so I removed my flash share. Put your WhatsApp line, I will transfer to you. Mission one completed

I got her line and that was when she began killing me until she made me nothing but an empty whole. I gave her all and she took everything without remainder.

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