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Recent Trend Of Ladies Asking Guys To Date Them On Social Media

The lockdown period has brought many interesting happenings on social media platforms and one of them is the recent trend of ladies asking guys to date them. These has become very rampant and it begs the question.

Is it loneliness?

Well that may be part of it, because the rate at which girls are asking men to date them, is on a fast rise.

Mostly in the African culture it is the men that usually makes the first move, but that hasn't been the case recently. For a woman to express her interest in someone takes a lot of guts, but it may be what is needed to finally bag the man of her dreams. Some may come on too strong and that may blow the chances for any form of a relationship. Before deciding to express your feelings to a man, make sure you understand the kind of man you are approaching.

Below are some pictures of some ladies asking men out.

In the picture above this particular lady is desperate to have a date, to be point of saying she would pay the bills.

This particular lady in the picture above was asking a well know Nigerian actor called Richard Mofe Damijo, to be her sugar daddy and even went further to say she would pay the him for it.

In the picture above this lady says she isn't getting any younger and that she needs guy to marry. She also went further to say she doesn't know why guys are scared to talk to her and inserted a crying emoji.

This one is a little funny and interesting at the same time, in the beginning of the message you can see that she wrote, "I'm begging and I'm crying" you can read the rest of message your self.

What do you think of this recent trend? Follow like and comment for more.

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African Nigerian Richard Mofe Damijo


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