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Spice Up Your Week With The Funny Pictures Of Okon

Most people have watched thousands of comedy movies but you are missing if you haven't watched a movie Bishop Umoh is featured on.

Bishop Umoh is popularly known as "Okon." Bishop is a Nollywood comic actor who has featured in a lot of funny movies. The award-winning actor is multi-talented and has been featured in non-comedy movies like romance and action movies. Bishop Umoh has paired in movies with great comic actors like Mr. Ibu, Nkem Owoh (Osuofia), Funke Akindele, etc. Okon became very popular after featuring in a movie title "Okon goes to school". Umoh (Okon) is a native of Nsit-Ibom Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, South Southern part of Nigeria. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the funny scenes of the comic actors. Below are funny pictures of Bishop Umoh.

Funny pictures of Bishop Umoh (Okon)

1. This is the picture of the young Bishop Umoh. This picture proves that he is born talented. 

2. Okon is a funny dancer. I think he is trying to impress the girl.

3. Do you think Okon will make a good police officer without taking bribes?

4. The best man ever.

5. Stomach challenge who wins?

6. I sense something no normal in his face.

7. Trouble zone

8. Don't try him with his woman

9. That feeling when you meet your crush

10. A nice movie to watch, don't miss it!

11. Caught in the act

12. When trouble comes knocking.

13.Police work is not easy for Okon

14. When you are asked to sing in the church

15. Prayer to God

16. Fine boys like us, girls usually rush us.

17. When you are high in the sense

18. Bishop of the world

19. Who is the funniest?

20. If only he was a girl, will you marry him.

21. Okon Look like this when serious

Here are more funny pictures of him.

No doubt that Okon is a high-ranked comedian who has won the heart of many and has also put smiles in the faces of movie lovers. I think Bishop is the funniest comedian in the movie industry. Do you agree with me?

He Lovely Wife And Children

Fact about Bishop Umoh (Okon)

Looking at the picture above you will agree with me that Okon is not a common man in the entertainment industry but a man with qualities who have made us smile in so many ways.

Do you think Okoh is the funniest comedian in Nigeria?

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