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Meet Natasha Who Has Two Children And Still Breastfeed Them at Age Six and Four respectively

Good day my lovers, thanks for being there for me, for reading my articles, thanks for your reading time, I know you're enjoying it but still I thank you all. Here I come with another one which is talking about the woman who's still breastfeeding her children at the age of six (6) and four (4) and she also claimed she won't stop until they ask her to do that.

Though breastfeeding the young ones is good to their health but here in Nigeria oh, we'll take it as something else if you're still breastfeeding your child at the age of four (4) not to talk of six (6).

This life no balance! Different things everyday, now here's things about Natasha;

Natasha Keane is 38 years old mother, who's from Galway, Ireland. She had her first son at the age of 19, that's too young right? So she couldn't breastfeed him well but later on, she gave birth to two children, not the same time but two years difference, the children are age six and age four respectively and at that age she's still breastfeeding them and she also claimed she won't stop until the children ask her to stop.

Do you think it's a good idea to breastfeed children at that age??

Drop your compliments in the comments box below and let's know your opinion on this.

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