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The Amazing Spider-Man comic part 2

This is the continuation of my last comic that I published.

This a story that will leave you excited and longing for more so just stay at home and follow to get new update on comics just like this one.

This story is based on the amazing spider man storyline. I Really hope you enjoy it.

This is a little head's up on what to come, I hope you enjoyed reading the story, I will be sure to upload more comic's, I just hope you heard fun with this one.

The Amazing spider man # 1

part 2

This story spider man has mythrio is the villlan both this is just the beginning of story of spider man and many more to come over time.

If have an marvel order of comic please comment in the comments section.

Today's event the big brother najia is said to start today but am surprised and I want to see how it is going to go the reward is huge as always so tune in and let the show Begin.

Please don't forget to follow me for more updates.

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Amazing Spider-Man


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