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Two Grown Ladies Fights Dirty Over A Married Man (video)

Ladies have an uncontrollable urge to fight when ever they start arguing about who first will get a man.

Ladies have been known to violence amongst themselves when it come to who wants the man. Several events has occurred were ladies fight over men.

It is either their friends was having an affair with their man or they are fighting over who should be with a particular man in the area.

Young girl today has also imitated this ladies as we hear of them fighting each other because of boys, even to the extent of injuring one another.

These two mature ladies were seen seriously fighting each other over a married man with a in their area.

The ladies were all over each other, dragging their hairs and cloths until neighbors came in to separate them from hurting themselves.

A female neighbor was heard slamming the two ladies for fighting over a man that is married.

According to her, she said: " you are fighting over a man who has a wife and he is at home relaxing. Shameless women"

From her word, the two ladies were obviously fighting for man who isn't even their husband.


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