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Video: Watch What Happens In This Nollywood Movie Scene That Makes Doctor To Call Out Film Producers

A video from a movie scene of a particular Nollywood film has surfaced on the internet, and it has been generating a lot of comments especially from the people from medical field.

This particular scene features a pregnant woman, nurses and a doctor in the labor room. Then, as the movie director called action, the doctor shouted to the laboring woman, "Push!" and the woman did while the purported baby came out. Then, the nurse that delivered the baby carried him to show to the doctor who directed her to carry the baby outside. 

However, the funny things about the scene is that, firstly, the nurse that was going to deliver the baby was already carrying the baby in her hands even before the doctor told the woman to push. 

Secondly, after the woman had pushed, the nurse just carried the baby straight away and proceeded towards the doctor without any hindrance. That raised the question, where is umbilical cord? 

Thirdly, the laboring woman was just stretching her legs when the doctor commanded her to push, but even the most medically naive of us knows that laboring women raise their thighs while resting their feet on the bed to make the birthing process easy for them.

Click here to watch the scene.

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