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' Things Fall Apart' Still Remains The Best Novel Written By A Nigerian. See Facts That Proves It.

The novel ' things fall apart' by Chinua Achebe is unarguably the best novel to to erupted from Nigeria. I've read the book countless times but its still can't get over it. Though I'm not Igbo, I am fascinated by the Igbo culture as portrayed by Chinua Achebe. 

Achebe did an apt portrayal of the African culture in the novel. The novel changed the notion of the whites about Africans. Aside the interesting storyline, the village setting gives us an insight into the Igbo culture. 

The award winning author China Achebe exposed us to four aspects of our lifestyles as Africans even before colonisation. 

1. The social aspect. 

The Novel started with the introduction of 'Amanlinze the cat' and how Okonkwo defeated him in a wrestling match. The wrestling is an example of a social event event. Spectators were on ground to chew their supporters and people met and interacted there. Another social aspect of our lifestyle captured by the author is the new yam festival. It was a great deal as there is allot of eating and drinking as well as dancing.

2. Political Aspect.  

In the novel, we discovered that there is a leadership structure in the village. ' the ummunna ' who are elderly people are responsible for administering judgement. The same set of elders usually seat in judgement an erring villager. The fine bureaucratic structure of the leadership in the novel is contrary to the notion held by the Europeans against Africans. 

3. The marriage system.  

 Our marriage system was well portrayed as a decent one. Okonkwo's uncle's daughter who came home with a suitor did the needful. We saw how events unfolded till the marriage. 

By and large, Chinua Achebe's novel is the best novel ever in Nigeria. What do you think? Drop your comments below.

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