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It was only when I stopped copy and paste that my articles were approved on Opera News (See details)

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Firstly, when I first stated writing for Opera News, I thought I could scape through by copying others articles and pasting it on the platform but later did I know that I was only deceiving myself. Although, I didn't first know I just thought it was how it is been done here.

Opera News Hub, I must say appreciate and as well reward only devoted and original writers. Many complain(even me) that why are my articles being rejected or having low clicks. I am only writing this because I now have insight on how things are done here.

It is saddening that I just discovered this just like two days ago. Opera News paid their writers 14/15 of this month(July), though I also got paid but my payment was far from what I thought it had be.

After my discovery, all the articles I posted were accepted and published and here is the screenshot of my published articles:

Since then, I have always be proud of my articles because I am the original owner. Although I have not been happy with my number of clicks but I know that with time I will reach there.

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