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"My only sister has become a Man. I hate to interact with her/him now." - Khloé shares.

We are 2 siblings, two sisters. We grew up together in Houston but we are from Nigeria. My sister was a very beautiful lady and had no trait of masculine attitude growing up together. We played dress up together, attended parties together and slayed together.

Ever since she went to college, she changed, she became a gay and lost interest in having relationship with men. Our parents became worried and sad because of the changes in her attitude, becoming lesbian and being the man in the lesbian, she started feeling the need to become a man. She finally changed her status and gender to man. My sister is now a man, I hate to believe this. Should I embrace my sister now a brother and let her live her life the way she pleases or should I just let her be and not be in touch with her again like I'm so mad at her?

Please share your thoughts with Khloé.

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