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Fiction: Tales Of Ava The Green Mermaid And The Petals Of Life(Pictures)

Once upon a time, there was a caring loving mermaid who has always rescued people drowning in the little river she is living. She was one of her kind and green in colour, so she's popularly called the green Ava. Ava always try to hide from fishermen because they have attempted to catch her several times.

One faithful day, Ava saw a handsome young man drowning and decided to help him but unfortunately for her, she was seen by two fishermen who have been trying to catch her. 

She succeeded in resuscitating the young man back to life but she was caught by the hunters. It was later that Ava realized the whole incident was planned and that the young man she rescued actually works with the hunters. It was obviously a set up.

For days, Ava was put in an aquarium and the young man she saved felt guilty, and he decided to break Ava out of the aquarium. Few minutes later, the hunters found that Ava was no longer in the aquarium and they chased after them immediately.Ava was carried back to the river by the young man, but the hunters were obviously determined to take the mermaid down no matter what. So they fired and the bullet hit the young man mistakenly, then he fell down inside the river with the mermaid. But fortunately for the young man, the mermaid brought him back to life with the "Petals Of Life.

To Be Continued.........

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Ava Green Mermaid Tales Of The Petals Of Life(


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