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Several Nigerian Celebrities Who Own Exotic Wild Animals {PHOTOS}

Wild and exotic pets are becoming the new thrill of Nigerian celebrities. Gone are the days when the only pets you see in Nigerian homes are animals such as cats, dogs, birds & monkeys. Now a new trend is making wave among our celebrities and elites. Wild & exotic animals are finding their way into the homes of high profile Nigerians.

This new found love for wild pets among nigerians is also warranting alot of attention from Nigerians, with some celebrities adopting exotic & wild pets like pythons, alligators, tigers and more. Owners of such exotic and wild animals ussually spend a huge sums purchasing and taking care of their pets. Asides from luxury owning such pets suggests bravery, courage & a strong love for animals.

Below is a list of celebrities who own wild pets:


Florence Otedola, the famous DJ and socialite once stunned social media when she revealed photos of her feeding her pet Lion.

Sesan Ogunro

Sesan is a popular music video director. He is the CEO of Film Factory a video production company in Lagos and in Johannesburg. The gifted Nigerian video director once revealed he had a Tiger in 2014.

Pretty Mike

Mike Nwogu also known as 'Pretty Mike' is a popular Lagos Club owner and socialite who usually makes the news forcontroversial reasons. He once revealed he owned a python which He called python Toke.


Runtown once took social media by storm when he revealed he was getting a pet cub(young lion). The the Nigerian Artist who posted a footage of him feeding the pet causing it to trend for along time.

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