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2 Things Whitemoney Promised To Do If He Wins The Money.

Whitemoney made some promises, while he was in the house.

The 29years old businessman ensured viewers that he will split the whopping sum of 90million naria if he wins.

He made this known a few days ago. One can say that, he's quite grateful to have come this far, and just a few minutes ago, he was pronounced the winner.

Whitemoney drew people's attention, through his great personality, Whitemoney showed viewers a unique and wonderful person he is.

Before now, Whitemoney was noted by many as the winner of the show, giving to his great personality.

As Whitemoney said, here are the promises he made to the viewers.

Photo credit: BBnaija 2021.

1. He will give 10% of the money to the street.

Whitemoney promised to give 10% of the money to the street, if you are watching the show, you can tell that Whitemoney is a guy from the street.

Giving 10% of the money to the street shows that he appreciate his people. And also shows that he is a grateful person.

Photo credit: Naija post

2. He will do thanksgiving in a church.

Is one thing to have money and another thing to show appreciation to the creator, who gives money.

Whitemoney, also revealed that he will give thanks to God if he eventually wins the money.

This says a lot about his upbringing and beliefs. He's quite wise to have remembered God.

Whitemoney is every woman's deeam , given to his rare personality.

Meanwhile, as he has won, let watch and see how the event unfolds.

photo credit : Lucipost

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