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The 10 Worst Nickelodeon Shows Of All Time

It's time to rummage through the dumpster, that is modern Nickelodeon and unfortunately, there was a ton of garbage to sort through this time.

Nick has effectively been beaten to the ground by Cartoon Network in the past decade (RIP Nick).

But it didn't start off this way, Nickelodeon began with an endless pool of creative ideas in their shows.

They were constantly giving us new, fresh ideas with shows like: Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Invader Zim, Avatar, and Ren and Stimpy.

The shows weren't always good, but you could certainly always call them creative.

But sadly, this just didn't last. While Cartoon Network has mostly gotten better over the years, Nickelodeon definitely seems to have gotten worse.

And so often, you will hear the exact same response from people who see these new shows.

Just, why? Eventually, this forced them into the corner they're in today.

At this point, their ratings are so down the toilet, that their channel now consists of 95% SpongeBob reruns.

An endless cycle of cringingly bad tween sitcoms, with some of the saddest jokes and acting performances in recorded human history.

These shows are a spit in the face to every generation, no matter what age.

They're dull, unrelatable, and each sitcom uses the same, annoying three-second track of canned laughter 200 times MINIMUM per episode.

So today, let's check out the Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Shows of All Time.

As always, if you do like these shows, that's great. It's just my silly personal opinion and I'm well and truly out of the demographic for these shows. So take it with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, let get onto the countdown.

10. Mr Meaty.

Imagine Jim Henson got drunk. I don't know how else to describe this, gruesome, fugly disaster.

That's not the face of a kids cartoon! That's the face of pure evil!

Who is this show actually appealing to?

The setting and bizarre jokes seem to be in a teenage demographic, but what teen honestly gets up in the morning, turns down his Linkin Park and says, "Sorry, Susan, I can't come over right now.

The Muppets' satanic braindead cousins are on TV!"

The original Muppets managed to look endearing, friendly, and remain heartwarming with their clever humor and powerful emotional moments.

These... misshapen horrors look like they mixed Fraggle Rock and David Lynch in a blender!

I don't know why, but they decided to just do all the puppet voices with the same two guys!

(UGLY NICKI MINAJ) "That was the most amazing party ever! Everyone loved it!"

Credit where credit's due, though, it was unlike anything else on Nickelodeon at the time.

And some of these jokes are okay. At least it was trying to be original, so it gets a high place on the list.

9. Planet Sheen.

I often wondered what Jar Jar Binks went on to do after single-handedly eviscerating the Star Wars franchise.

I think he went on to voice this show!

(SHEEN) Where's the bathroom in this place?

I gotta go serious bad. I'm talking end of the movie, just finished the mega size soda but don't wanna miss.

Oh boy, This is the main character, isn't it?

I personally wasn't a big fan of the Jimmy Neutron series, but I could see the appeal to the show.

It had clever settings, and it had its share of good jokes.

But the "brilliant" team at Nickelodeon, decided the most annoying character in the show needed a spinoff!

Each episode is pretty much, just one long 23 minute joke.

The joke being, that Sheen is stupid.

If this was an even remotely endearing character, that didn't sound like Jar Jar Binks on helium, this might work for one episode.

And the writers were really proud of these jokes too.

In the official trailer, they even halt all the music, and build up for this one incredible joke.

(PRINCESS OOM) I'm just gonna call your sheeny weeny.

(SHEEN) Just Sheeny, lose the weeny.

*So funny, right guys?"

They were really proud of that line.

I don't even get it.

Is it funny because, "sheeny" rhymes with "weeny?"

Should that have had me rolling on the floor in laughter?

Am I just too stupid to get it?

Just look at this mess of animation!

This is the kind of bland, lazy, CG animation that looks like it was crafted by a first-year animation student.

No offence to first years, I'm sure you can make way better stuff than this.

Like a lot of Nick's CG, it's basically a tacky, hideous, cheap deplorable downrate of Pixar.

The writing on this one is particularly horrendous.

Not only does Sheen completely forget about every character on earth, including his girlfriend Libby, he doesn't even bother taking an interest in returning to Earth.

I guess animating anything other than purple skies, and oddly phallic shaped rocks wasn't in the budget.

And look at this brilliant setup for the villain's plan.

The villain wants to get rid of Sheen.

So he gets a bomb, and asks him to hold it.

(PINTER) Like, how are you gonna get him to hold it?

(DORKUS AURELIUS) Simple. We'll tell him to. Brilliant! I don't see why that wouldn't work!

Planet Sheen is a spin-off show that is nothing more than a terrible time slot filler.

It was bland, terribly written, and horrendously animated.

Definitely stick to Jimmy Neutron, if you're a fan of the show.

8. Talia in the Kitchen.

"Hey, kids! You know what's cool?"

"Chopping tomatoes!"

"Oh, boy! You go, girl!"

"Top that garden salad with olive oil!"

"Oh yeah, you peel that... disturbingly large potato."


"Add a hint of butter to that mix!"


"Add icing to that cake; extreme style!"

"You add meat to that tortilla, and carefully fold it. Extreme style!"

This show actually manages to make Johnny Test feel less pandering and smarter.

Like, what was I complaining about?

"I'm going to get the cook on at Lola's."

Okay, who in the history of mankind has ever said they're going to get their cook on?

Had anyone writing in the staff actually ever conversed with a real teenager?

Hell, had they ever been a teenager?

Oh, and it's so agonizingly happy!

Personally, as a teenager, all I really remember was just wanting to watch the world burn.

While we generally grow out of that phase, why would any teenager possibly want to see this sappy, insincere, completely unrelatable garbage?

And it has that hoky teen acting, that clearly showed the director just threw up his hands, and said, "Go! Both go insane! I don't care! You kids do whatever while I get a double cheeseburger.

Just try to throw some cooking in there somewhere."

I mean, look at this young fellow here.

Even he looks bored with what he's doing.

How are we supposed to get invested in a show, where even the actors are begging to be off the set?

It's like seeing this nightmare hybrid of Johnny Test and Justin Bieber.

Except somehow he's even more full of himself than both combined.

The only mildly redeeming factor to this one, is that they don't have that damned laugh track.

Bad effects, and camera work done by monkeys.

It's Nickelodeon prime example of cheaply shoved out garbage that clearly had a director, who didn't give a crap about any of these kids involved.

Definitely, give Talia in the Kitchen a skip.

7. Henry Danger.

Oh, boy. I thought the Brady Bunch was stupid.

But this is whole new level of over reliance on that annoying three second canned laughter soundtrack.

And they use it over, and over, and over!

(CHARLOTTE) Shouldn't that elevator be adjusted?

(annoying canned laughter).

(more canned laughter).

(RAY) He's a boy, alright!

(more canned laughter).

The writer for this one was the genius behind Inspector Gadget: The Movie.

Except that may have actually been an improvement over that show.

Hell, I can explain the plot to you, and that alone makes it sound stupid beyond content.

Henry Hart is a 13 year old boy who lives in the town of Swellview.

Swellview? Is his street named Roadstreet?

He's the sidekick known as Kid Danger, to what may be the most unoriginal name in cinema history.

Captain Man. Captain Man is on it's own level of unoriginality.

His secret lair is under a shop called:


Oh, come on, really? This one just mystifies me in it's own empty headedness.

Many Nickelodeon tween sitcoms don't seem to understand the inherent reason for a laugh track.

(CAPTAIN MAN) These animal carriers are surprisingly secure!

(more canned laughter)

You actually put a laugh track in when you say something funny.

That is meant to socially influence the real audience to laugh.

When you simply put a laugh track after every line, this fails the purpose of a laugh track.

Hell, even the laugh track isn't really laughing. They just sound bored.

(boringly laughing).

It really points out one of the main problems with these tween sitcoms.

The people in these sitcoms don't act like... well people. They act like hyperactive monkeys on LSD.

Personally I'd give Henry Danger a skip.

6. Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

This is one of those fine shows from the color palette known as vomit.

I get that they were trying to be original with this animation style, but this show really does make me feel queasy just watching the intro.

Pig Goat is essentially just 20 minutes of incoherent nonsensical madness.

They tend to do a bit more risqué, crude humor in this one.

With things like: vomiting up internal organs, and amputating arms.

So my best guess is that they were trying to be the next Ren and Stimpy.

But sadly, it backfired terribly on them.

Ugh, I just... I can't even analyze this show when it looks so ugly.

I actually think Problem Solverz was more pleasant to look at than this.

At least it only made me feel like having a seizure.

This one actually makes me feel like losing my lunch.

(NEWS REPORTER) Chet, it looks like the mega bubble is starting to drip.

See? When I see that, I don't see a mega bubble. I see a dripping pile of crap hanging over your city.

Now I see a tsunami of crap flooding your city. Good God!

Who saw this animation and said," Oh yeah!"

Making a show that looks like a combination of urine, defecations and vomit will clearly bring in the viewers."

When this show first debuted, it started with a 1.2 rating.

And has not risen since it's original air.

A 1.2 rating.

Hell, Barney the Dinosaur got a 3.5.

Your ass is being kicked by Barney the Dinosaur, guys.

Yet the brilliant executives decided it would be a smart idea to green light this show for a second season.

Are they trying to sabotage their own network?

They might as well have just spat directly in the viewers face, and save time.

I'm sure there's originality in these ideas, but personally I just couldn't get past that hideous animation.

This show is little more than an ugly Ren and Stimpy experiment that went horribly wrong.

Definitely don't watch it, and if you do? Don't watch it on a full stomach.

5. "Awesomeness" TV.

Their slogan being:

It has to be awesome, otherwise clearly it wouldn't be on TV.

That's sounds far more like what the cameraman was telling himself when he watched these poor teen actors dance around like idiots.

"Just remember, Todd. You're doing this for your wife."

(LAUREN JAUREGUI) My name is Lauren, and uh...

Oh! I have one!

You're watching AwesomenessTV!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Go back a sec.

I have one.

You're watching.

What was that? That was the worst edit I have ever seen.

But honestly, I'm actually more curious about what her censored out fact was, than watching these young ladies boogie like they're about to collapse drunk at a disco.

"My career's going down the toilet!"

We start with what is perhaps the dumbest opening line I have heard, in well... admittedly the past five minutes.

(NORMANI) My boyfriend's the best, because he buys me chocolates every single day.

(LAUREN) No way, my boyfriend's the best.

Oh boy. Surely women don't actually talk like this, do they?

I mean, maybe the bucktoothed lady who lives in a trailer down the road named Bertha talks like this.

But, I don't think the majority of teen girls talk like this.

(LAUREN) Ooh, sorry. I didn't know we were back.

She's got chocolate on her face. Therefore, this is worth not one, but two laugh tracks.

(LAUREN) There's... th-th... on face.

I'm sorry, three laugh tracks. Truly, we are at the peak of sophistication in human now.

(even louder canned laughter).

No! Five laugh tracks!

She spilled some food, it's not that funny.

Imagine you were at the table, and every single person at the table erupted in laughter when you spilled something.

(canned laughter and clapping).

*sadly this is funnier than any tween sitcom*

And for some puzzling reason, the audience erupts into screams of terror every time they change scene every twelve seconds.

(kids screaming of terror).

(more horror movie noises).

Seriously. They sound like they're screaming for their life.

Are they setting fire to an audience every time they change sets?

"Okay, Bill. Sketch is over. Light em up."

(screams of terror).

This show is an insult to teenage women everywhere.

It credits women with the intelligence of a cheese stick, and is void of any sort of depth whatsoever.

The viewers deserve better than this.

The actors deserve better than this. (They really did. Poor Fifth Harmony.)

And AwesomenessTV deserves to stay down the toilet.

4. Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Back in 2007, Nickelodeon could gain rights to one of two shows.

Adventure Time, or Fanboy and Chum Chum.

And guess what the brilliant executives chose?!

Yep... pft. What does Adventure Time have against Fanboy and Chum Chum?

Oh... this is that level of annoying.

The level where I begin having to watch the show in 5 second segments, to avoid slamming my head into my desk repeatedly.

And the voices! The voices aren't voice acting!

The squealy voice in the intro is more like a form of torture.

(GUYS ON HELIUM) We don't care, if you stare! I mean, look at our underwear!

His voice is like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard.

Oh, Jeebus! Who designed these cartoons?

Something like Hotel Transylvania may have had wacky animation, but it was controlled, and it had quiet moments where it could be still and sink in the moment.

And there's layers to it that weren't just appealing to a 6-year-old demographic.

The lyrics of the intro consists of, "Buh, buh, buh, buh, buh."

(annoying repetition of "buhs").

Oh, God! End this intro already!

This is the longest 50-second intro of my life.

By the end, they're screaming the lyrics in their recording booth at the top of their voices.

They're afraid they're going to lose a 7-year-old's attention. Which they very likely might!

This show is like putting hyperactive 7-year-old's in charge of Nickelodeon.

It's just another one of those lazy CG designs that looked like it was done in a Korean sweatshop.

All the characters look like Rugrats rejects that had their face's flattened.

Even the other people in the show are bored of these two's jokes.

Like this boy's telling a joke that he's not wearing his nose.

The joke being, that he's not wearing his nose.

Oh, come on!

The "got your nose" game stopped being entertaining, once we've developed a mental cognitive capacity passed out of their one year old.

It's gross, aggravating, and I think this show was specifically designed for ages embreo to one.

Any older than that, and they may try to destroy the TV.

3. Nick Studio 10.

Some people probably know I'm not the first person to say this is a bad show.

When I was first looking at the trailers for this show, literally, all I could find was rancid reviews about how bad it is.

(NOAH GROSSMAN) We should make a Roy G. Biv smoothie.

A Roy G. Biv smoothie. I can't wait.

There's no real direction to this show, it's like being the center of an awkward teen prom dance.

Listening to people make painful small talk and all talking over each other at once!

(teenagers all talking and laughing).


(teenagers all talking and laughing).

I'm not sure I can even put this on the list, because it's not really a show.

A show would indicate some sort of coherent plot. Lines, and jokes for that matter.

This is essentially just teens shouting awkwardly over each other because they know they're on camera.

While desperately trying to figure out a way to entertain the audience.

And when they attempt to do coherent jokes?

It is biblically horrendous!

A "fart in a jar."

(NOAH GROSSMAN) I was sitting alone, when I thought to myself.

"Why don't I fart in a jar and put it on the shelf?"

(GABBY SENN) Take the top of the jar, and put it up to my butt.

A song with teens badly rapping about farts, to a fart soundtrack.

I don't mean it just sounds bad, it is literally a fart soundtrack with teens badly rapping over the top.

What, were armpit noises too eyebrow?

We had to go with farts?

Even the poor teen actors look like they're in pain reciting these bad fart lines.

It is the steps to putting your fart in a jar, so you can smell it later.

So you will need to have the intelligence and forethought, to put a fart into a jar, cap it, and let it sit for a week.

So someone with equal intelligence can plan to open it in a week.

It's like waiting to watch this abysmal rap in a week.

It's feels like waiting for a kick in the nads.

Either one is going to leave me crippled on the floor in how unpleasant it was.

In the end though, there was just so much hatred for Nick Studio 10.

It interrupted other Nick shows. It was obnoxious every second. It had horrible skits, and the effects actually made other Nick sitcoms look good in comparison.


(NOAH GROSSMAN) Oh, it's just so good!

You didn't like it?

It tastes like what you see, at like an amusement park on the floor.

We call it vomit, my dear Jennette.

And I think you've given an excellent analogy of this show.

And honestly? You just gave the best line delivery of this entire show! So I salute you.

And I really hope this one doesn't go on your résumé.

2. Breadwinners.

Fanboy and Chum Chum's intro is bad.

But jeebus! I just can't get past Breadwinner's intro!

Hell, Breadwinner's in general!

Every single moment of this show is obnoxious and loud.

Filled with butts, and farts, and hyperactivity.

I have talked about this one in my Worst Cartoons list, though. So I'll try and keep it brief.

Honestly, most of the tween Nickelodeon sitcoms are just sort of mixed together into this horrendously acted cesspool of zero creation, effort or direction.

But none of them, none of them managed to even come close to the aggravation known as Breadwinners.

I discovered while researching this show that, like Cartoon Network's number one, it was imported from YouTube.

As much as I respect the independent artists coming up with original ideas from YouTube, WHY DO NETWORKS KEEP IMPORTING CRAP OF YOUTUBE?!

(ANNOYING TODDLERS) Big baby buns! Big baby buns!

Destroy, yeah!

Ugh. This show is a close second to Cartoon Network's worst.

Breadwinners was so much of a joke, in fact, the original YouTube creator thought it was a joke, when Nickelodeon was contacting him.

"Wait. Seriously? You guys actually want to make an animated series out of this thing?

"I, I just made it to troll some commenters. Okay, okay, yeah, cool."

With all the money being thrown into Nickelodeon right now, they continue to throw their money into these two badly animated flash ducks, who spend most of the episode shaking their butts at the audience.

Just, why? The more I learn about this show, the more horrendous in every shape and form it becomes.

In an episode I recently discovered, the ducks essentially say to their 4-6-year-old fanbase, that drugging your date is okay.

One of the ducks spikes the drink of a female duck, in order to get her to fall in love with him.

(so much gibberish that I can't even caption this).

(FLASH DUCK) And thus, with her love fair and square.

(ANOTHER DUCK) Now that's true love.

Wow. And this time, there's no arguing, "Oh, it's for adults!"

I dare someone to try and make the argument that Breadwinners is for adults.

The mindless hyperactivity with no direction whatsoever.

The endless butt shaking, It manages to surpass them all.

The constant movement and flashing colours.

I'm surprised this show hasn't given kids seizures.

I still think this is one of the worst cartoons of all time.

And certainly one of the worst Nickelodeon shows.

I will never recommend this show. I really thought Breadwinners was the worst.

But once again, the nightmare resurfaced from my mind. Something even worse than Breadwinners.

The worst bile Nickelodeon ever came up with.

Fortunately, it was cancelled after one season due to absolutely bombing and being critically panned.

But without further a do, let's check it out.

1. (FRED) .

which means it's Fred day, which means it's time for Fred the Show!

Right now on Nick!

(ear-bleeding screaming)

FRED: The Show.

Oh, boy. Just, wow.

I always knew this'd be number one.

Ever since I saw the trailer.

Nothing can top this.

For all the wonderful, creative, inspiring content on Youtube, Nickelodeon chose the most annoying channel they could find.

It takes a special kind of obnoxious and stupidity to be this aggravating.

To see him invade my TV.

It was horrifying!

It was actually what caused me to stop watching Nickelodeon all together.

You take all the combined crappyness of Nickelodeon tween sitcoms, and mix that together, than add an obnoxious, arrogant guy with endless jump cuts and a voice pitch synthesizer.

Fred the Show is the rolling king of these tween sitcoms.

It reigns supreme as the absolutely worst sitcom I have ever seen.

(ear-bleeding screaming and crying)

This is just as bad as my number one Cartoon Network.

It wouldn't be so bad if this boy wasn't so full of himself.

He's just so proud that he put a high pitch synthesizer to his voice.

Jump cutting and speaking like a mentally challenged ape.

(sound of Fred getting hit).

Oooh, that was nice! Let's see that again!

(Fred getting hit again).

I don't like tearing into independent creators, But why? Why do creators keep green lighting the absolutely crap of YouTube?

Why not green light some of the great stuff we have on here?

Out of all the endless, brilliant, funny, entertaining channels on YouTube, for some reason, networks will green light only the most annoying, obnoxious, 7-year-old ear piercing garbage they can get their hands on.

And somehow be surprised when it bombs.

I bet you please not watch Fred the Show.

It needs to disappear and remain exclusive to it's 7-year-old demographic.

I consider it easily the worst Nickelodeon show of all time.

And once again, I am so thankful that this show bombed. Badly!

Honestly, no one can blame the teen actors in these shows.

From the feedback we've heard from some of the tween actors like Montana, Nickelodeon was distant, uncaring, and completely ruthless to them.

How are they meant to get invested when they're treated like that?

Honestly, though? Tween sitcoms can be done right.

Nickelodeon sitcoms like Drake and Josh, Kenan and Kel, Hell, even iCarly are remembered fondly by fans because they were relatable.

These characters were likeable, and went through many believable situations that many people could relate to.

The acting didn't feel soulless, the jokes felt more sharp and when an emotional situation did come up, it was actually believable.

Do you think I missed a couple? If you think so, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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