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You may need to stop praying, do this instead

We all believe that prayer is the key. This is not untrue. Yes, prayer is the master key. We may not survive without prayer. But prayer may not be what you need right now. Prayer is one of the ways through which we can reach out to God, but it is not the best way to reach God and have our problems solved. There's a faster way to reach to have our problems solved. It has been working for me. I'll share that with you.

The title sounds weird right? I know that when you first saw the title, you were like "what!" But you decided to check it out anyway. You are not mistaken. You did the right thing. Here I'll change your mindset so you can understand better, what you already know. Sometimes we only need to change our mindset. Yes, it is said "change your location, change your luck" for those that believe in luck. That is if their is such thing as luck.

Sometimes you pray and feel like your prayers doesn't get to God, you may or may not be wrong. Maybe you are praying the wrong way. Or perhaps you aren't doing the right thing. Maybe you should stop praying for now and do what you already know which I'll show you here.

One thing with we humans is that we are selfish. We always want something from God without caring about what God want. We are too selfish. Can you sacrifice something to God? No! I know you can't, but you would say YES! God didn't just create us because he just felt like creating something. He created us for a purpose. We all know the purpose for which we are created, but we have refused to fulfill it. Let me tell you, God is not happy with humanity. This is because we are selfish and have abandoned our creator. No more sacrifice to him.

You don't need burnt sacrifices to impress God today. You don't need a ram or sheep, or fat animal to impress him today. You must not waste blood to make him happy. God has already revealed to us what he want from us. Brethren, you don't need money or wealth to impress God. You know what he want.

Do you think that praying very often can get your prayers to God? No! That is not the best way to talk to him and make him happy.

Do you know that a chorister prays twice when he or she sings. With your voice, you can impress God. Don't tell me you don't have good voice. Sing it like that. You can develop your voice for God. He deserve more than that. God enjoy praises and worships more than prayers. Praises and worships are the express way to get to God and have your prayers answered.

Think about, how do you feel when someone praises or pets you? You feel loved right? How do you dance to the tune of your best music? You enjoy it right? How do you feel seeing your favourite musician? You feel happy right? If you, a mere human can feel this way, how much more God, who created you.

Let's look at the importance of praises and worships in the Bible. I'm not going quote anything here, if you want to know everything, kindly read your Bible. Don't rest the Bible to get a point. Read the Bible to know it. Yes, read from beginning to the end.

The saints, who pulled down the tower of Jericho did that by just singing with just their voices. Just praises, no prayer.

David is known as the man after God's own heart. The reason is that he always apologize to God after finding out that he had sinned. This is true but do you know that David is also a good singer. This kept him attached to God. You can do better.

What I'm saying in essence is that we should be selfless. We should always do what God want. Pray less and sing more and you will have your problems solved. Maybe you should stop praying at all. Start singing praises to God and wait for your blessings. It you must pray, stop asking God for unnecessary favours. He knows what you want, just go to him with praises and you will receive your blessings faster. A word it enough for the wise.

I'm waiting for your testimonies. Thanks for reading and may God bless you exorbitantly. AMEN!

Content created and supplied by: FrankMan2021 (via Opera News )


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