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10 Big Lies That Every Nigerian Child Believed While Growing Up In Nigeria.

If you grew up in Nigeria, especially if you were born in the late 80s and early 90s then you may probably have been told most of these lies and the funny thing was that, we used to believe them when we were little. Our parents and grandparents make up stories, sometimes to entertain us other times, to scare us. Most of these stories ended up being myths and looking back in hindsight, you can not help but just laugh.

Now, here are 10 lies we all believed as kids born and raised in Nigeria, NUMBER 10 WAS COMMONLY TOLD:

1. That Eating Mango And Coke Can Kill You.

This used to scare us as kids. We never dare to make the mistake of consuming both of these food because of the fear of being killed. But it turns out to be a lie. Consuming mango and taking coca cola cannot kill you.

2. That Drinking Grarri and Eating Mango Can Also Kill you.

Please, what issues did they have with mangos, lol. Mangos are perfectly healthy fruits and eating it and taking garri cannot kill you.

3. That Ojuju Attacks Crying Kids In The Dark.

This one is used to scare little kids most time, but we all believed ojuju really existed when we were children. Very funny. Some still believe this till date.

4. That "Chekeleke" Can Give You A Pretty Finger.

The white birds we usually see fly across the sky are storks and they are migrating. It is funny how we used to believe that they have the powers of making our fingers look beautiful.

5. That Swallowing of Orange Seeds Will Make an Orange Tree Grow in Your Stomach.

How did we even believe this one? Lol. I used to be so scared when I swallow an orange seed, I would even cry until my mom would make me stop and tell me I will be fine. I'm sure most children were scared of this too. Truth is I'm still scared of this sometimes, even though I know it's a lie.

6. That If You Lose A Tooth And A Lizard Does Not Eat It, It Will Not Grow Back.

This has to be the most hilarious of all. How did we really believe this? Lizards do not even eat teeth. Lol.

7. That When You Bend Over in The Market And Look Through Your Legs You Will See Ghosts.

I know children did not try this out of fear of seeing Ghosts. Ghosts really made us scared as kids.

8. That Looking At The Mirror At Night Before Sleeping Will Give You Nightmares.

How funny is this? Right? But we used to believe it when we were kids. No child dared look at a mirror at night because of fear of nightmares lol.

9. That "Mummy Water" (mermaids) Exist.

Mermaids are not real and they don't exist. But we were so scared of it and we believed it then. Some even claimed to have seen some. Quite funny.

10. That We Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow.

This is the BIGGEST of all the lies we were told while growing up. The song "parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow" gave us hope when we were little but growing up, we discovered that it was not close to the truth. We are not given the chances to lead because of people at the top but let us keep our hopes up and keeping working.

Well, that's it. There you have it. If you can relate to this or if there's anyone I've missed, write in the comment below.

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