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Check Out 8 Male Actors Who Acted As Women In Movies (Photos)

Many Movies both old and new tends to leave a memory or a moment in our life, we all love watching movies being it comedy movies, super heroic movies,Horror movies and so on

This article talks about a male actors who has played the role of a female character, we are familiar with them, most there movie series are very funny, read more and find out this male actors who acted the role of a female actor.

1.john travolta

John Travolta Played the role of the opposite gender on the character of Edna in 'Hairspray.'

2. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy played the role of a mother of the Clump family in 'The Nutty Proffesor.

3. Tyler Perry (Diary of a Mad Black Woman)

Tyler Perry has played the role of the opposite gender so many times, usually in the Madea series.

4. Matt Lucas (Little Britain)

In the movie Little Britain, actor Matt Lucas was made to look as a woman, as he played on the character of Marjorie Dawes.

5. Dustin Hoffman

The movie called Tootsie, Mr Hoffman took on the character andrk girl.

6. RuPaul

In the Brady Bunch film, actor RuPaul acted on the character of a female counsellor.

7. Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall acted the role of the 'ugly girl' at the club in the movie Coming to America.

8.Marty Lawrence

Marty Lawrence played the role of a female gender in the movie "Big Momma House"

Thanks for reading this article. Kindly comment below on your favorite movie.

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