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Meet The Only Super Model To Have Reportedly "Dumped" Ronaldo In His Illustrious Career.

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the most celebrated superstar in the world owning to the things he does on the pitch and in the spotlight. He has amassed great wealth and Fame for himself and generations to come.

However, there's one aspect of Cristiano Ronaldo's life that needs to be tamed which is his love life. Yes, it is understandable that celebrities are bound by several luxuries of the world which include women, cars, buildings, fashion, etc, but then he needs to be careful in order not to fall victim to sex scandals or rape cases.

When it comes to being bold and confident, I don't think there's any celebrity aside from David Beckham who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is every woman's dream irrespective of age, religion, and beliefs.

But surprisingly, the saying that goes thus: "One man's meat is another man's poison" can be said to have been the case of a supermodel called Paris Hilton who boldly and publicly wrote off the five-time Ballon d'Or winner.

Cristiano Ronaldo was on the verge of joining Real Madrid back in 2009 which was his childhood dream and therefore, on the eve of that grand day, he was spotted in a Los Angeles nightclub with Paris Hilton under his arms, snogging and having fun together.

Many believed both of them were an item since Ronaldo wasn't dating anyone and also because Paris Hilton broke up with her short-term boyfriend Doug Reinhardt 24 hours earlier but she however revealed that they were taking things slowly.

"Cristiano and I are good friends. Very good friends. He's a nice guy - and an incredible athlete. We're getting to know each other and I have to leave it at that."

Not long after, the two were no longer seen together, and a source close to her according to The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the supermodel dumped the £80m superstar because he was "too girly" according to her.

"She likes her guys to be macho - and as far as she's concerned Ronaldo turned out to be a real sissy. She likes her men rugged, it's as simple as that. She thought her friends would laugh at her if she dated a guy who walks around with flowers in her hair."

He was just too uptight for her to find attractive. In the end, Paris realized their relationship simply wasn't clicking. Paris got to know him and realized he's not nearly hot enough."

However, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was 24 years old while Paris Hilton was 28, gave his side of the story that he was too busy for her.

"She was a really cool girl and we had a great time talking. She lives thousands of miles away and is busy, and I am busy in Madrid so I am not sure if we will be able to see each other. I am just making the most of the short summer I get."

Many however did not believe Cristiano Ronaldo's version of the story owning to the fact that Paris Hilton was already an influential figure over him and as well as an heiress to American billionaire; Hilton.

Paris Hilton is the great-grand daughter of one of the most famous and influential American billionaires Barron Hilton. He is the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Paris Hilton broke into the scenes at the tender age of 19 when she was signed by Donald Trump's Modelling agency called Trump Model Management. She has also featured in TV shows such as Simple Life, Cooking with Paris on Net Flix, etc.

She is also an author, film producer, and Disc Jockey. The money she generates from her DJ MasterCraft is about US$1m for a single set performance. In 2014, she reportedly made about US$2.7m for four nights' performance according to Wikipedia.

Despite the fact she inherited about US$5.6m from the $139m asset shared amongst the grandchildren by Barron Hilton, she has lived her life as an independent woman and owns about 50 stores and 19 product lines which have generated sales of over US$2.5billion according to The Daily Mail.

She is currently engaged to her fiancè Carter Reum and they plan to get married soon as she disclosed her desire to start making babies and not billions anymore. She is currently 40 years old.

Below are some of her lovely photos showcasing her wealth and beauty.

PHOTO CREDITS: Google Images, Getty Images, Sky Sports, Instagram.

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