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Meet the singer who claim to be from the marine world and can turn into a fish (pictures)

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Nyevile which literally means sea, is the name of a Ghanaian singer and self aclaimed fashionista who claims to have a marine family.

During an interview with Arnold of "Vibes in 5 with Arnold," Nyeville disclosed how her mother and a prophetess dedicated her to the sea when she was born.

Her mother did this to avoid a prophecy that she (Nyevile) would die if she wasn't dedicated to the sea.

This prompted her mum and the prophetess to take her to the sea and left her there for 4 days.

Nyevile who used to sing in the choir, disclosed that she visits the sea in a spiritual form whenever she's bored or needs a solution to a problem.

She also revealed that she has good luck charm and everyone who she has dated became properous whilst they were together.

She said she could manipulate anyone she's ever had sex with even though she has never done it.

One striking thing she also disclosed was her ability to turn into a fish. She stated this by saying she sleeps with the light off and whosoever puts on the light might just see a fish lying on the bed and this could be dangerous for the person.

When asked if she prays to God, she said yes because God created everything including the marine world which she alleges to look like ours; just spiritual.

When asked if she would want to be delivered or of she has met any pastor for prayers, she said there's nothing to be delivered off her though she has met pastors who just walk pass her while praying for others.

The take home of the interview is that there are real pastors as well as fake/fetish pastors. She made this known while stating that there are ladies sent from the marine world to manipulate people/pastors mostly through sex.

Wow! What do you make of the revelations Nyevile made?

Checkout more photos of Nyevile after the cut;

Do you think these are just mere stories without any truth in it?

Please let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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Arnold Ghanaian Nyevile Nyeville


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