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Meet Akim Camara Who Began Playing Violin At The Age Of Two

Akim Camara who was born on 20th September, 2000 is a German Violinist Child Prodigy. At the age of two, Akim started playing Violin.

Well, Violin are simply like bowed instruments that are difficult to learn because of its complexity and sensitivity.

Violin requires you to take a lot of good quality lessons and good quality practice to be able to play beautifully and brilliantly.

Akim Camara proved to us that nothing is too difficult to achieve.

Instructor Birgit Thiele gave Akim some Violin lessons at the Marzahn Hellersdorf School Of Music when he was only two years of age.

Just like every other child, Akim could not speak correctly but he could remember parts of music heard and the other names of all orchestral instruments.

He was really a fast learner as he plays twice a week in 45 minutes sessions.

Akim's first public performance at the studio was apparently so impressive that it left all of the orchestra members in astonishment and disbelief.

Akim became so good that he performed with Rieu in concert at Kerkrade's Parkstad Limburg Stadion filled to near maximum capacity with an audience of 18,000 people.

Akim has the ability to memorize a musical piece after hearing it. He has played for several notable artists around the world.

His success in playing Violin earned him a second prize at the German Youth Music Competition, Jugend Musiziert.

See some lovely photos of Akim Camara below...

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