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See Grammatical Error Written by a Polytechnic Graduate Who Wrote to Equate and HND (Reactions)

One of the Corpers that just passed out posted on Facebook to equate University and polytechnic graduate since they all got the same NYSC Certificate.

This Corper identified with a Facebook name, Akintola Akinpelu Posted it on NYSC group, he showed his NYSC Certificate and wrote:

"Lastly, and HND were given same NYSC Certificate, please stop the discrimination and procrastination"

See the screenshot of his post below:

See some of the comments below his post to let him know that he has committed a Grammatical error by using the word, PROCRASTINATION

Let look at one comment

👉Thank you but with due respect the word procrastination is not supposed to be used here.

PROCRASTINATION IS The act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially habitually or intentionally.


DISCRIMINATION is The setting apart of a person or group of people in a negative way, as in being discriminated against.

So these two words shouldn't be used for themselves because they av different meaning.

We're all learning


You can read more comments in the screenshots below:

What is your thought about this post?

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Can we say and HND are on the same scale?

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Akintola Akinpelu HND NYSC


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