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Fiction:I Slapped My Daughter, And She Returned It Twice

After reading this, kindly bear in mind that it isn't fake but fictional. Fake news/stories are not real, but false, untrue, not factual and factually incorrect. Such information/stories are based on factually incorrect premises. Fiction on the other hand is literally using invented/imaginative writing, which is quite synonymous to prose. Fiction of course is a fragment of reality. Therefore, you should note that the story you are about to read isn't fake, but fictional. After reading this, kindly do me a favour. Like and share this post, drop a comment, and the most important is to follow me up for more News, Entertainments, Gist, Stories, and Politics. Thanks in advance. 

  The father is the head of the family, the foundation behind the rigidity of his family. Without the father, there is no family. It's so sad that my own daughter thrashed, disgraced and dishonoured me as the bead of the family. 

 My family is the type that you will call "a happy one" as we all do things in common. I and my wife had understood each other before we got married. After our marriage, my wife had several miscarriages. Many years after our marriage, my wife finally procreated the cutest thing on earth, a baby girl. 

 After she conceived, the doctor informed us that due to her past miscarriages, my wife's womb had damaged and this is the only baby she will ever conceive. What a sad news, but what can we do to question the creator. We soon accepted our faith. 

 With care and love, I treated my daughter well as a good father. I bought her expensive toys and dolls, there is nothing I didn't give her. Even if I had to give her heaven and earth, I would give her. 

 I took a good care of my daughter that I spoiled her. My wife had always warned me to limit my affection towards her but I just couldn't stop. It was like my heart was attached to hers, and her heart attached to mine. I didn't know that I had spoiled my daughter with so much care and tenderness. 

 Time flies, my daughter soon clocked 15 years. I was so happy, every of her past birthdays had been fun, but I had promised that this would be special. 

 On the same day, I didn't know my daughter invited her boyfriend to my house. I went to the supermarket and bundle many goods in a very large basket. All I want is to surprise my daughter with those gifts, I didn't know I will be the one to be surprised. 

 I rushed home to wish my daughter a happy birthday. When I arrived at my house, I saw my daughter with a guy holding hands. I asked my daughter who is the guy, and she said:

 "Dad, meet my candy crush, my husband to be"

 Rage consumed me, I slapped her furiously but she replied me with her own version of slapping! My own daughter slapped me! My wife wasn't at home to witness this, I just entered my car and soon found myself driving on the road. 

 I'm currently at the beer parlour with tears streaming down in my eyes, should I still go to my house or not? I am just so down and sad! My only daughter did this to me? 

 Please, drop your advise! What should I do to her? Kindly like and share this post, let's know peoples opinion. 

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