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Lyrics Of Tempted To Steal By Kizz Daniel

Off his third studio album King of Love (K.O.L) is this insightful jam about the extremities of love and how its heady rush can push us into situations we cannot comprehend. 

See the lyrics to "Tempted to Steal" by Kizz Daniel.

I'll admit that when I first saw the tracklist for this Kizz Daniel's latest album, King of Love, it was this track that first caught my attention. Not only was the title jarring, it also carried the "Based on True Story" tag which kind of got me intrigued.

My first guess was that it'll be a tale of how he survived hardship while growing up or something around that theme but in hindsight it should have been obvious that the song was related to love; after all, the album is titled King of Love.

Thanks to my preconceived notions, the song didn't song right when I then heard it for the first time, it felt like click bait to me and the overall message was lost to my consciousness. 

However, when I decided to compile the lyrics for this album I took another shot at the song and read the lyrics this time and what a revelation it was. It may not have been what I wanted to hear but it certainly was as powerful as any message I've heard. 

We all love to romanticize love (which isn't always a bad thing); however, we often fail to point out that love can be toxic, dangerous and have a detrimental effect on both your mental and emotional health sometimes. Not everyone can handle the pressure of a demanding partner and many times such a relationship ends in tears. That's what the King of Love is preaching with this song — that you can fall in love all you want but be careful how and who it happens with or you might just find yourself tempted to steal.

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