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Meet Human Ken Doll Who Comes Out As A Transgender Woman

He put a plastic surgery by becoming a human Ken doll but now Rodrigo to comes out as a transgender woman Barber instead and would love to have a baby.

After spending £ 650,000 on more than 60 operations to look like his toy hero, the 36-year-old former cabin crew member revealed that he's now using Jessica's name, and spent another £ 100,000 to get the body of his dreams, and would love being a mother someday.

She said: I always felt feminine and when I struggled to be manly with my personality, I decided to make my appearance as masculine as possible. But no matter how much I looked Ken nothing alleviated the pain of being a Barbie inside.

It was a really difficult decision for me, but it got to the point where I couldn't live as a man anymore. In November of last year, I started surgeries to remove the male implants I had spent so much money on years ago, and in January of this year, I started feminization surgeries to become a woman.

It was a long, painful, and expensive journey, but I finally reached a stage in my life where I looked in the mirror and started seeing myself.

In 2014, The then Rodrigo revealed his extreme appearance as Ken, which earned him crowds of fans, as well as a filming session with Italian Vogue magazine and a sport on the famous Big Brother.

When I met her at the time, she was shy and polite as she prepared to take her first photo to show her surgical transformation. Today, when Jessica entered The Sun Studios, I know someone who is self-confident, still incredibly educated but confident that I never saw six years earlier.

Jessica, who lives in Barking, east London, was born Rodrigo in Sao Paulo to a Brazilian mother and a British father who was a pilot in the aviation field.

I grew up in a Catholic family and was sent to a Catholic school, and She remembered: My mom, my aunt, my grandmother brought her, so I was surrounded by women.

I have a sister younger than four and wasn't interested in my toys. Instead, she played with beautiful Barbie dolls. I was plaiting their long blonde hair and loved her pink clothes.

I would dance in front of the TV wearing my sister's dresses, and while my mom never cared, my dad stopped it.

But even though I thought I was happy, I was fighting against my true self. So at the beginning of 2019, I decided to move from male to female.

Jessica recalled: I thought all my famous works would dry out and people were no longer interested in me because I was no longer the human Ken doll, but I felt I had no choice. I started wearing more gender-neutral clothes and a little makeup while I was planning a surgical transfer.

In November, I removed my six packages and put fat on my back in the hips and buttocks. It cost 15,000 pounds.

In January, I underwent a 36DD breast implant at a cost of 3,000 pounds, and three weeks ago she underwent a complete feminization process.

They shaved my forehead down to remove the bump that men made during puberty and I had a titanium implant attached to either side of my face to lift my eyes.

They shaved my jaw and chin, and then they shaved Adam's apple. I also had peel 9,000 pounds and 600 grams of hair extensions at 8,000 pounds.

It was a huge surgery and although I feel many pains, recovery has been difficult. I still have more surgeries that have been reserved but I have to recover and gain weight because they need more fat to remove them and put them in the hips.

I will get arm implants and other nose jobs as well as more hair extensions to make my hair lighter and longer, like Barbie.

I still haven't had genital surgery either. I wanted to assure myself of my wounds this time.

I am expressing myself for the first time. I want to show that I'm elegant, but classy with Barbie sparkle.

So, after 74 operations costing 750,000 pounds sterling and now she has the female body she wanted.

Jessica said, I always want more but this is because I am learning how to be a woman. I learn how to walk like a woman and how my style is.

Part of that is learning how I want to look physically. I don't think I have exceeded the limit. No surgeon has rejected me. There is a limit to how much a person can take and I have about 30 general anesthetics and sometimes five procedures at once.

It doesn't always get involved in planning. My nose is so messy that I can't breathe and if it's cold, it might be really bad, but I live a healthy lifestyle to make sure I'm strong inside.

But how can she afford all of that?

She said I earn a lot on TV in Italy and Germany. I make 20,000 pounds for 30 minutes for some shows, and this month I'm going to participate in a popular cooking show in Romania, my documents in Belgium, take pictures in the UK and plan to go to the US on TV show Botched.

Jessica has her next life goals planned too. She said: I want to find love. I only had two short relationships in my life and I am desperate to find a partner.

My ideal man is independent. I don't like funny men. I truly admire an intelligent man who knows how to treat a woman and enjoy my body. I want a tall man with a wonderful body.

She added: I also want to be a mother in the future. I feel like I was born for that.

Once I find love, I want to adopt and have a big family. I don't talk to my father anymore, but my mother knows I have trans and she’s happy for me.

She doesn't know Jessica yet, but she will very soon, I can't wait. Looking back, I did my best to be a man and failed. But now I am the woman I always meant to be and I'm finally happy.

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