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Top 3 Richest Nickelodeon Stars No One Talks About

As we all know, Nickelodeon is an American broadcasting TV channel that exhibits various forms of entertainment, starting from kiddies shows, to teen shows, and of course Nickelodeon original movies. And at that, Nickelodeon give rooms for young stars to perform their talents confidently on stage. These stars are now globally recognized as actors and actresses. But they are some Nickelodeon Stars that we don't talk about nowadays. In this article, you'll be seeing top 5 richest Nickelodeon Stars we don't talk about.

#5. Bubba Ganter (From Gameshakers)

Bubba Ganter is a Nickelodeon star who starred in the Nickelodeon TV series 'Gameshakers' as Bunny. He ranks as one of Nickelodeon richest star no one talks about. Bubba Ganter has an amazing networth of $1millon. 

#4. Jerry Trainor (From iCarly)

Jerry Trainor is no doubt one of Nickelodeon's star that can't be forgotten easily. Jerry Trainor starred in the Nickelodeon TV series 'iCarly' as Spencer Shay, the elder brother of Carly Shay. He has made appearance in various movies including Nickelodeon's TV show (Henry Danger) as thumb-buddies and the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. Jerry Trainor is also one of the richest Nickelodeon star that no one talks about. Jerry Trainor has an amazing networth of $1.5million. 

Kendall Schmidt

Kendall Schmidt is one of the richest Nickelodeon star. He played the role of Kendall knight in the Nickelodeon TV show (Big Time Rush). He has an amazing networth of $12million.

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