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The Japanese Royal Family Believe They Are Descendants of a Goddess Called Amaterasu

Royal families in the world believe they are born of a certain bloodline that makes them royalty, whether the stories passed down from generation to generation of these families are real or not we cannot tell but we understand that people who are of royal bloodline believe their bloodline is important. You would hear English stories claiming some families are descended from the lines of dragons, others in Asia who believe that they are descended from certain deities, and among the Asian royal families who believe their royalties are of important descent are the Japanese royal family; they believe quite confidently that they are descended from a goddess called Amaterasu.

According to one of the most dominant religions in the Japanese culture, Shinto, the goddess Amaterasu is an important figure, who is known as the Sung Goddess for the Japanese people, and the ruler of the Takama no Hara, a place that could be described as the Japanese version of heaven. According to Japanese history, this goddess has been linked to several Emperors who have ever graced the throne of Emperor of the Japanese nation. Emperor believe that they could trace their ancestry back to this goddess and that she perhaps blessed the line of royalty with powers that makes them be considered as some sort of demigod.

Sources have often claimed that the Japanese royal family has one of the longest hereditary in the world. This means that for a royal family, they could trace their ancestry to as far back as the very founding of the nation of Japan. This makes them one of the oldest royal families in the world, if not the oldest. When you check the ancestry of some other royal families, you will find that there have been certain royal families that have graced the seat of power, left it, or were deposed. However, this isn't the case for the Japanese royal family. Since the 7th century, one family has remained the very royal family.

Some have claimed that the reason for the important nature of this family, and the power inbuilt in their veins that makes them such a lasting family is due to the influence of Amaterasu. According to sources, this Deity or goddess is descended from a Deity Called Izanagi and Izanami, the very beings that are credited for creating the Islands of Japan and perhaps everything that encompasses the creation of their nation. As the creator of the Islands of Japan, their daughter has claims over its resources and to lead the area, and so there is a belief that this claim is assured through her bloodline.

While there are several stories about Amaterasu and her supposed descendants who eventually became the royal family of Japan as we know it today, there is a long history of how she supposedly began this bloodline. According to Japanese History, the story of their bloodline is perhaps exactly the story of creation. It is believed that Amaterasu and her brother started the creation. While she hate a sword, spat it out, and created three goddesses, her brother, Susanoo took a necklace of 500 jewels ate it, and created five gods.

These eight gods and goddesses became the first of the noble families of Japan. Now while the first nobles of Japan were created the actual royal family started with Amaterasu herself, with her Grandson called Ninigi-no-Mikoto. This Deity or perhaps demigod was the ruler of the terrestrial world and was blessed by his grandmother with certain gifts that can now be spotted on the Japanese regalia and in their history books. As I have earlier stated, Amaterasu's Grandson ruled over the terrestrial world, and with him, began the rule of the Emperors.

Apparently, she perhaps copulated or had a relationship with humans, or with deities, and had children, until he was blessed with a great Grandson called Jimmu. Now if you have ever read the history of the Japanese monarchy, you would note that the Japanese people trace their Monarchy to Jimmu in the year 660 BC.The interesting thing about this story is that to date, some people in Japan still worship Japanese emperors divine entities and believe in their divinity.


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