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7 Important Characteristics Of Yoruba Ladies You Probably Don't Know.

7 Important Characteristics Of Yoruba Ladies You Probably Don't Know.

One of the tribe in Nigeria is Yoruba, ladies from Yoruba are different from ladies from different tribes. Yoruba Ladies possess some characteristics which makes them unique, below are the characteristics;

1. They are intelligent

Yoruba Ladies are very intelligent, they easily understand everything that has to do with life, they are very brilliant.

2. They are smart

Yoruba Ladies are very smart, they will never tolerate rubbish, they are very sensitive.

3. They have the fear of God

The fear of God is the priority of any Yoruba lady, they fear God in everything they do.

4. They are respectful

One of the greatest characteristics of a Yoruba lady is respect, they respect the elderly ones, they don't have the spirit of pride.

5. They are hardworking

Yoruba Ladies are very hardworking, they will always make sure they work for their daily living, hardly will you see a Yoruba lady who doesn't work, most of them are independent in terms of food and shelter.

6. They can cook

Another thing is that Yoruba Ladies can Cook, as a matter of fact, they are the best cook.

7. They are kind

Yoruba Ladies are very kind, they always do good, hardly will you see them doing what is bad.

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