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This business idea is going to fetch you a good fortune

You must have come across the saying; be yourself because that is the best you can ever be. Now what if you can be someone else? Some other personality who has become established in the society. All you have to do is watch and copy as much as possible everything about this personality. But like many other job description, a celebrity impersonator or lookalike must first of all posses physical resemblance with the said popular individual.

Having a resemblance to a popular person in the society comes with it perks, such as free stuffs, attention from the ladies (if you are a guy), and a career (should you choose to). Clebrity lookalikes get paid for putting up appearances at events, posing for pictures, performing a song or dance, give a speech and many more.

Celebrity look alike is a lucrative business and could be tapped into in Nigeria. A lot of agencies in the western part of the world are always looking for people who have resemblances to popular people, get them a gig, get paid, take. A lookalike can earn as much as 14,000 naira per gig.

What are the things you need for this business?

1. The impersonator (the lookalike), the more the resemblance the bigger the pay check.

2. A Make up artist that specializes in costume and theme makeup.

3. A good wardrobe, to dress your lookalike like the actual celebrity

4. A Speech specialist to train your lookalike to talk like the given celebrity, this also ensures better pay.

5. A Physiotherapist which would be vital in adjusting the posture of your lookalike.

6. A website which will make it easy for people to contact you.

So do you want to start that as a business? Or do you look like any celebrity? Please leave me a comment below.

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