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Meet The Most Philanthropic Billionaire Among Nigerian Billionaires.

Nigeria has many Billionaires both within and outside the country. Though majority of Nigerian Billionaires acquired their wealth through the societies but very few of them are given back to the societies that built them.

Nigerian Government also, are not helping the matters, in the sense that few among all these Billionaires who are ready to help the community and the less Privilege in the country are being hijacked by the Government.

Meet The Most Philanthropic Billionaire Among Nigerian Billionaires

Nigerian Billionaires are many, Nigerian Government has create an Enabling environment for Nigerian Billionaires, though it is not that easy to become a Billionaire just like that. It involves consistency, Focus and Perseverance. It is not a day job.

But very few of these Billionaires after gotten their wealth from the community, very few of them are giving back to the community that made them.

Hardly there is state in Nigeria that is not having up to hundred Billionaires but their People are seriously suffering and wallowing in abject Poverty because they refused to show them kind gestures.

Despite the fact that Nigerian Billionaires are not helping the Poor Masses but we still have among them that are Philantropist, the one which People are conversant of is Micheal Adenuga.

Mike Adenuga is a Philantropist per excellence. He has Produced so many Millionaires in the country. Mike Adenuga is the CEO of Globacom Nigeria Limited.

Those who are working in his company do say good things about him. When talking of Nigerian Billionaire that has shown Love to the People of the country, it's Mike Adenuga.

If you meet Mike Adenuga one on one, your Problem is solved but to see him might be a little bit difficult. When talking of Humanities development, Mike Adenuga lead and other follows.

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