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“Never Trust Your House help” – See Photos of 71yrs Old Nanny maltreating a Baby

Wickedness in our world is increasing day by day. What a kind of world we find our self, where little children are no; longer safe again. Children are now suffering from all form of maltreatment from individuals in the nation. The girl child is no longer safe likewise the boy child.

To be frank with you all, I have always been against women carrying house helps and nannies for no reason. I just feel that no house help can ever take a good care of a child like that of the mother. I feel that house helps might do something evil to the child when the parent of the child is not around. I have been thinking but today I have confirmed it through a video that went viral on social media. I use to think that house help are the only once been maltreated by their employers but nowadays the children of the employer are the ones being maltreated by the house help.

Girls please take note that there is nothing like big woman, except you want your child to suffer in the hands of another woman. At first I used to think that old women are very decent and well behaved but today things are now the order way round.

Below is the screenshot of the video posited in Instagram about a woman who was arrested after she was caught on camera maltreating a child:

The part of this story that surprised me most is that the lady is even old enough to be a grandmother. If a woman who is as old as 71yrs can do such a thing, talk more of a girl who is very young and have not seen anything in life. There is a saying that what an old man see sitting down, a young girl can’t see it even if she climbs the highest mountain.

See screenshot of the video that is trending online:

You need to see the way the baby was maltreated. I feel this lady should not go scot free; how can a lady of that kind of age do such a thing to a child. I feel this is a lesson to all parents all over the world who feel that they are too big to do work. Your child might be suffering in the hand of your house help but might be afraid to tell it out to the public or to you. Many children are suffering in the hands of their nanny but are unable to voice it out.

Parents I will advise you all that the husband and the wife should not be busy at the same time. Trust not your house help, in fact trust no one but you spouse and yourself. Apart from this two humans, trust no other person.

Please what do you all have to say about this issue? As for me I think this lady should stay in prison all the days of her life because she is already old and if she can’t be good at this age, I don’t think she will ever be. Make all your contribution and also questions known to us via the comment box. We promise to reply all questions as soon as possible.


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