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See Photos Of The Popular Igbo Okpu-Agu And The Meaning Of Its Various Wearing Positions

This Igbo hat called Okpu-Agu (Leopard Hat) which is much older than the red cap. Many modern Igbo people don't know the intrinsic value of this cap and its various wearing position meaning. I don't really blame these set of people because that's one of the many disadvantages of being born during this present Indomie Era.

The tail of this hat contact various meanings, depending on how you position them when wearing. It's only a true Nze or Ozo will really understand the situation and meaning of this Okpu-Agu. But it wouldn't be bad at all if I enlighten you guys on what they meant so that you can also start wearing them properly if you haven't been doing so before.

When you wear the cap with the tail facing back, it means that something is wrong or somebody died. It can also mean that things are moving backwards for you. When you choose to wear the tail of the Okpu-Agu forward, it means that you are going somewhere very important. It can also mean that your life is moving forward and no turning back. When you are also wearing the tail facing either left or right, it means you are in a good mood.

Now that you guys (especially the Igbos) know the mysteries of the Okpu-Agu, be very conscious of how you wear them and please respect the constituted rituals behind the cap as a true son of the soil. Feel free to comment on this article and don't forget to share and like this post.

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