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Meet The 3 Most beautiful dwarfs in the world.

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1)Dru prestra:

'Who cares want everyone else wants, it's what you want that matters'

'The life I wanted has already begun, and this is just the beginning'.

These quotes were made by Instagram influencer and dwarf model Dru Presta.

Dru presta is 22 years .she is half the height of a regular model.Nevetheless this has not restricted her from modelling and fufilling her longlife dream.she is an inspiration to a lot of people.she inspires people about accepting their body the way it is .she has a positive mindset and is unapologetic about her size.She is a popular influencer and has some endorsement attached to her.she is very beautiful in and out. She has a million following her on Instagram.

2) Katrina Lemos:

Katrina Lemos is so beautiful that she is dubbed as the 'world sexiest dwarf' .she relishes that unofficial title and isn't shy about it. She is outgoing and full of humour.She definitely dosent keep a low profile,as she is psychedelic.she is an actress and a model.

She became more prominent when she performed a scandalous rendition of 'Gangnam style' , a dance video created by psy.She performed this song in a revealing outfit by the pool side. Hmmm a lot of men were very pleased with her dance version.Infact she gained a lot of male fans after that performance.This delightable spectacle has a lot of fans numbering up to 50,000 followers on Instagram. She is very confident and proud of her self.According to her, she puts in a lot of hard work to maintain her beautiful shape.She says she knows that people find her mesmirizing because they compliment her a lot.she has zero regrets.

3) Fatima Timbo,

Fatima Timbo is 21 years old.She is from London.She has achondroplasia, a bone growth deficiency that makes people to be short in stature with a regular torso and short limbs.After She was being bullied in high school, she embraced her condition and started her modelling journey in 2017.She has about 5000 followers on instagram.she also appeared on undateables,an American series featuring those whom mainstream society may discriminate against. At first she refused to feature in the show,but after reflecting on how beneficial it will be to her,she accepted it.she says it is hard to find a man who is genuine,because slot of them who come have dwarf' fetishes.

Aren't they beautiful? Yes they are.

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Content created and supplied by: Patrarose (via Opera News )

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