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This is how the world will look like without a sun

Have you imagined , how the world will look like if there was no sun?. What will the surface of the earth look like?, will there be life on earth?, can we go about our daily activities?.

This is an interesting topic because the sun am talking about generally affects our life in one way or the other. We all need the sun for vision at least,vision is a common feature for all. Today we will be looking at the importance of the sun and the absence of the sun.

Now to begin ,do you know without the sun the earth surface will be totally covered by darkness, making it difficult for vision. Without the sun the surface of the earth will look lifeless .

The sun is in a hostile region,it devours anything that comes close to it. It looks like a ball in a spherical shape that is filled with fire or should I call it a burning flame. It is brighter than millions of bulbs.

To be sincere without the sun,there will be no green life, the earth will just look Rocky and Sandy and probably no climate change. Green plants can not undergo photosynthesis because it only through photosynthesis that the process occurs meanings that plants will not be able to exist or they will all go extinct to be precise.

This here are the importance of the sun to the earth:

1: Without the sun there will be no climate change and there will be no seasons .

2: The sun is the powerhouse of electricity i.e it is the major generator of electricity on the earth.

3: Without the sun plants can not undergo photosynthesis.

4: Without the sun Albedo effect will not be possible:

Albedo effect is the ability of a surface to reflect sunlight i.e there will be no moon because the moon reflects the light it traps from the sun at night(total darkness).

5: Without the sun there will be no petroleum formation.

Hope you enjoyed winding through it...

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