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2 Animals That Do Not Die From Poisoning

Surviving bites from poisonous creatures like snakes, scorpions, etc; is not really common in animals. Though there are few species of animals that have strong immune systems which help them survive bites from poisonous creatures.

Below are 2 animals that do not die of poison:

1. The Honey badger

Honey badgers are fearless animals that can take down scorpions or snakes and even when Buren by this venomous creatures, they do not die. This is because honey badgers have strong immunity to venom, so even if it is being bitten by a snake or sting by a scorpion, the honey badger would not die.

2. The Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are spiny animals of the Erinaceinae subfamily, in the eulipotyphlan family Erinaceidae. They possess quills which are as sharp as needle.

The hedgehog are known to be immune to snakes and scorpions venom and even some poisonous plants. They can also give themselves extra protection by eating poisonous plants or other smelly things and then produce frothy saliva which they vomit all over their spines.

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Erinaceinae Honey The Hedgehog


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