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Here Are Different Tasks Elephants Can Use Their Trunks To Perform

Weighing some 300 pounds (140 kg), the elephant’s trunk has been called “the most versatile and useful appendage on the planet.”

The multipurpose tool can serve as a nose, a straw, an arm, or a hand. With it, the elephant can breathe, smell, drink, grab, or even trumpet a deafening blast!But that is not all.

The elephant’s trunk has some 40,000 muscle fibers that allow it to move in any direction. Using the tip of its trunk, the elephant can pick up a small coin. At the same time, the elephant can use its trunk to lift loads of up to some 600 pounds (270 kg)!

Researchers hope that imitating the dexterous properties of the elephant’s trunk will help them develop superior robots for both domestic and industrial use. Some researchers are working hard to have a completely new assistant system compared to conventional robots, which for the first time will enable humans and machines to work together efficiently and without danger

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