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Animals World: Read About Bird That Can kill a Lion And Also Animals That Can Kill A Tiger

The wild is full of Mystery, their are so many hidden things you may not know, do you know that their is a bird capable of Killing the Lion, yes it might amaze you but that is the bitter truth.

Ostrich can kill a lion with it's feet at one swift kick, Each ostrich has a long nail or claw at the end of both their big toes which can kill a lion with a very strong kick. Most ostrich's can weigh up to 300 lbs, male lions can weigh up to 420 lbs, and a lioness can weigh up to 280 lbs. ... That's an advantage for the ostrich because it's an easier battle.

That does not mean that lions can't kill ostrich, no lions can kill ostrich but the thing here is that Ostrich can outrun the Lion even horses, Cheetah is one of the Lion capable of out running the ostrich among the cat family but they don't have the power and strength to bring an over grown make ostrich to the ground..

However It will take three Cheetah to bring down a grown make Ostrich.

Animals that can kill tigers

There are plenty of animals that can kill tigers including the African Elephant, Wild bears, large crocodile, hippopotamus and venom snake.

No matter who the king of the jungle tends to be they will still get Animal that can kill them either by self defence or otherwise.

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