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Eight ways to get rid of rats

Rats are smart creatures. They have the ability to restart their heart beat. They also have a good memory. But the sad news is that they carry pathogen and diseases. These anomalies can be spread to humans when rats come in contact with their foods and drinks.

There is a possible believe that rats carry over twenty kinds of diseases. This is the clear reason why you have to be careful with them. They are not all out for you; they are interested in their existence. If you do not kill them, then they might kill you with diseases. Setting them free would not even solve the problem because they are good at reproducing.

If you are having rodent problem in your house, then it is either caused by rats or mice. The two beings cannot work together. Rats do feed on mice because they see them as preys.

I believe we are familiar with some of the conventional ways to get rid of rats. A faster way to do the job is in the list.

Sticky traps

These traps are common today. We can find them in almost every home that is being disturbed by rats.

It is always advised that you should put bait on the trap before setting it for the rats. As soon as they get trapped in here, they can die of suffocation or starvation.


There are too many kinds of rat poisons that can do the job. The one that can kill and dry the rats is available. But the problem with this method is that it makes you to look for the dead rat.


I do not believe in wasting energy, but this method works very fast. If you do not want the rats to have a slow and painful death, then use electricity.

High voltage can cause burns. This is exactly what rats need. They need something that would quickly fry their internal organs after an impact.

Cat Litter

Stop throwing away your cat poops. It is useful now. You can use it to scare away rats. You can place it in holes where you think the enemies are hiding.


Rats are potential enemies of cats. If you want to scare a rat, then introduce a cat into the picture. The cat would be excited as soon as it gets its catch. 

I have mentioned using cat poops. You can also use cats to deal with rats directly. They know where their enemies are hiding, so they would get a good catch.


Are you thinking of poison again? Do not think of that again. Peppermint is a strong flavour that can be used to deal with rats.

Rats cannot stand the smell of peppermint. The power of the smell can crush their lungs and kill them.

Cow dung

This is the time to purge the rats. Cow dung is a natural cake for the creatures. The cake could kill them by making them vomit to death.

Sound Hurts Them

Rats are nocturnal creatures. This means that they are active at night. Night is the time when the temperature and sound are low. You can hurt them with loud sounds if you want them to bleed to death.

I hope these ways serve you well. If you feel like contributing, you can do so in the comment section.

Thank you.

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